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Costa Rica religion

Costa Rica Religion – Catholic and Faithful

Costa Rica Religion

The Catholic religion, the official Costa Rica religion also a required subject in schools.  Its importance is evidenced in the language, holidays and traditions. In fact, the term “Christian,” or Cristiano, is used synonymously to mean “human being.”

Many Costa Ricans wear religious jewelry such as crosses, or images of saints, the Virgin Mary or Christ.  In most homes, you will find the religious icon on the walls or in their gardens, and in their vehicles.

Costa Ricans are demonstrative about their Catholic faith at private celebrations like weddings, baptisms, confirmations, and funerals. Also, at public observances such as Easter, Holy week, saints’ days and Christmas.

About 10 % of the Costa Rica population are Protestant and seek more evangelical services and stricter practices.

On August 2 every year, there is a nation-wide celebration in honor the national patron saint, the storied Our Lady of the Angels.  Costa Ricans make a pilgrimage to the saint’s eponymous cathedral in Cartago, the Basilica de Los Angeles, to ask for the saint’s support or guidance and pay their respects.  Many churches hold celebrations to honor their local saints as well.  These celebrations are also charming festivals that serve to unite their communities.


Costa Rica Religion – Catholic and Faithful
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