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Costa Rica Volcanoes

Explore Costa Ricas most Popular Volcanoes

Although Costa Rica is a small country, it does hold a significant number of volcanoes; this is caused by the North East subduction of the Pacific tectonic plate under the Carribean plate. The Arenal Volcano has always been the most famous and most visited of Costa Rica Volcanoes. But here are some other active volcanos worth exploring while visiting this beautiful country.

Costa Rica Volcanoes

The Arenal Volcano

The Arenal Volcano is considered to be one of the top ten of Costa Rica Volcanoes. Until 1968, the Arenal Volcano was said to be dormant. Until its first explosion and has since then been continuously active. The eruptions have been recorded to have stopped since October 2010. The Arenal Volcano National Park has been the number one go-to place in Costa Rica. Also, Arenal is one of the most famous destinations for visitors from all over the world. Even locals to go and enjoy the natural beauty and a uncountable number of activities available in the area.


Costa Rica Volcanoes

The Poas Volcano

is one of the most visited Costa Rica Volcanoes. This has a lot to do with the proximity to the capital city of San Jose. The beautiful and dense forest national park that surrounds the volcano makes it a perfect escape close to the city. In fact, this modern volcano is considered one of the largest active craters in the world. It measures over 900 feet deep and a mile wide. Two crater lakes have formed near the top of the Poas volcano. One of which is considered the only lake comprised of molten sulfur in the world! Poas Volcano gives you the rare opportunity to drive up to the rim of the volcano. Enjoy beautiful views of the volcano, countryside, lakes and the spectacular forest around you.

costa rican volcanoes

The Irazu Volcano

Located less than sixty miles from the capital of San Jose, the Irazu Volcano makes for a perfect day trip with so much to see! The volcano has many fascinating and active craters, including one with a spectacular lake with dark and beautiful green water. The lake can even transform colors, often between emerald-green and crimson-red. Irazu is the tallest Costa Rica Volcanoes reaching around 11, 260 ft (3, 432 m) high.The national park is almost 6000 acres and is full of wildlife and interesting plants to see. There are so many options for food, drinks, picnic locations and excellent hiking trails in the park!

costa rican volcanoes

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

Rincon de la Vieja Volcano located in the famous province of Guanacaste, where a combination of four volcanoes (the Santa Maria, Orosi and Miravalles are the other three) bring four of Costa Rica’s most amazing natural parks. Also considered as one of the most exciting volcanoes in the country because of some unusual characteristics. For example the sulfurous lagoons, relaxing mud springs, fumaroles and all the incredible wildlife surrounding it. Of course, the central active crater is a fascinating part of the volcano, with eight other volcanic points over the 250 square mile area. The famous volcano located only an hour away from the airport of Liberia. This makes for a perfect day trip from the beaches of the Gulf of Papagayo.

costa rican volcanoes

Turrialba Volcano

The Turrialba Volcano located only 53km east of the capital city of San Jose. This also makes for an excellent day trip, even the ride there is unforgettable! Drive through the old capital city of Cartago. The Juan Vinas and its sugar plantations and the little village of Turrialba and its authentic feel and beauty with the lush rainforest mountain surrounding the village. Take a look around, and you will find uncountable green hilltops with pastures of horses, cows, and wildlife roaming about freely on the fertile land. Around the Turrialba Volcano, you can get some coffee plantations, sugar cane fields, cattle pastures and so much more to explore.

costa rican volcanoes

Tenorio Volcano

The Tenorio Volcano National Park, is part of the Area of Conservation of Arenal, is one of the youngest national parks in Costa Rica, opened since 1995. The three well-defined craters at the top of the volcano often display fumarolic activity. The entire volcano area consists of beautiful waterfalls, lagoons, and hot springs to explore while in the area. While visiting the national park of Tenorio, you will be able to find various species of wildlife, including monkeys, other mammals, countless species of birds, insects and many fascinating plants around you. The main attraction of the Tenorio Volcano is the spectacular Rio Celeste (Blue River), where the combination of sulfur from the volcano and calcium carbonate turn the river water into a magical sky blue color, making Rio Celeste one of the most famous streams and waterfalls in Costa Rica.

Above all checking out some of the beautiful volcanos is an excellent way to spend your trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Volcanoes
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