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Costa Rica Government

Costa Rica Government – A Venerable Democracy

Costa Rica Government

The Democratic Republic of Costa Rica

The most important thing to understand about Costa Rica government is that the Democratic Republic of Costa Rica is the most stable and oldest democracy in Central America. It has no military, but it keeps a domestic police and security forces, and a Coast Guard. It a pleasant and safe country to visit and to live in.

Member of the Government

The President and 57 Legislative Assembly deputies elect for a 4-year period and run the government and legislature.  An independent Supreme Electoral Tribunal supervises the elections.

Judicial Power of Costa Rica

The Supreme Court of Justice leads the Judicial Power. Also, the Legislative Assembly elects twenty-two magistrates for 8-year renewable terms. In 1989, the Sala IV, which is the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, was established and is responsible for executive decrees and assessing the constitutionality of legislation and habeas corpus warrants.  The Ombudsman, the Solicitor General and the Comptroller General of the Republic are responsible for the oversight of the government; So many, of these institutional roles are increasingly prominent in governing the country.

The Provinces

There are seven provinces in Costa Rica: San Jose, Heredia, Cartago, Guanacaste, Puntarenas, Alajuela and Limón  While the provinces function separately for administrative purposes, they do not have provincial officials. Of course, mayors are also elected for a 4-year period, through general elections.

Costa Rica Government – A Venerable Democracy
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