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Top Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica

Top reasons why people love to Travel to Costa Rica

Though small in area – Costa Rica is about the size of West Virginia – it packs a lot of punch. People love to travel to Costa Rica because of its awesome landscapes. Also, diverse, abundant wildlife, a variety of attractions and activities and year-round tropical weather. It draws millions of visitors every year. And every visitor will discover their favorite part of this popular vacation destination. Here our top ten reasons to travel to Costa Rica.

Awesome Natural Landscapes:

Where else can you hike an active volcano, detox in therapeutic thermal hot springs, swim in the sapphire waters beneath a tropical waterfall, and zip through high rain forest canopy, all in one day? No other country packs such diverse landscapes and eco-systems, in fact, Costa Rica has all but 2 of the Earth’s most in hospitable climes: it has no snow or tundra and has no desert – all in such a tiny area.

Fertile, verdant lands:

It’s nutrient rich soil combined with it wet tropical climate. Making Costa Rica’s land incredibly wealthy and fertile. Everything grows abundantly here! Locals say if you plant a cow in a sugar cane field, you’ll get condensed milk. Stick anything in the soil, and it will sprout!

Fantastic Climate:

At 10 degrees from the equator, the average temperatures hover around 85 F throughout the year. And due to rugged volcanic geography and variety of micro-climates, you can travel from steamy beach to crisp cloud forest in a few hours.

Endless sandy Beaches:

Boasting more than 800 miles of shoreline divided the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, Costa Rica’s picturesque beaches -in tones varying from pearly white to black- are famous for their unspoiled beauty and excellent surf.

Adventure Awaits:

Visitors come spoiled for choice when it comes to Costa Rica adventures and adrenaline infused excursions. You can tackle Class IV whitewater rapids, rappel 200-foot waterfall, zipline hundreds of feet in the air through the rain forest canopy, scuba dive with hammerhead sharks, bungee jump over steep ravines, scale sheer cliffs and hike a steamy active volcano.

Family-friendly fun:

Costa Rica is one of the best countries for families and is completely kid-friendly. Children of all ages love the infinite activities and wildlife adventures available. So many, hotels and resorts have special areas and activities designed to entertain children!!

It’s close to the U.S.:

Costa Rica feels like another world, a Paradise found, but is only a short plane hop from the U.S. There are numerous airlines that offer non-stop flights from just about every major U.S. hub!

The Densest Bio-Diversity On Earth:

Costa Rica has 6% of the Earth’s animal species on just .03% of the Earth’s area giving it the most densely bio-diverse. And with almost 30% of its lands preserved and conserved as national parks and reserves, exotic wildlife’s everywhere in Costa Rica. For example, howler monkeys, scarlet macaws, adorable two and three-toed sloths, giant sea turtle and whale sharks.

The Friendly People:

Known for welcoming generosity and kind nature, the people of Costa Rica are some of the country’s finest natural resources.

The Pura Vida Spirit:

The meaning of this national slogan is multi-faceted. It is a greeting, a wish, an ethos, an emphatic, and a symbol of a way of life infused with joie de vivre. Meaning “pure life,” pure vida describes a philosophy that appreciates life gusto. No wonder Costa Rica’s ranked one of the world’s “Happiest Countries” on Earth! Pura Vida!

Top Reasons to Travel to Costa Rica
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