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Costa Rica Videos

Costa Rica videos reveal the colorful sights and  symphonic sounds of this vital and vibrant country.   Highlighting its rich natural landscapes and vast vistas containing all but two of the Earth’s climates and biomes, it wildly exotic animals and happy welcoming people.   These are the syncopated rhythms of a multi-faceted country with untold riches in and on and under its fertile lands, endless tropical beaches and abundant turbulent seas.  Discover the distinct and unique regions, from the mountainous, explosive volcanic central valley and northern highlands to the picturesque tropical beaches that frame Guanacaste, from the storied longevity of the Nicoya to the magical diversity of the Osa peninsulas. the wealth primary and secondary rain forests, dry forests, cloud forest, mangroves, raging rivers and thunderous waterfalls.  Meet the personalities sophisticated, cultured, traditional, faithful, studious, industrious, serene and pastoral. Such is the extraordinary breadth of diversity that is our Costa Rica!  Pura vida!

Costa Rican People

Costa Rican People (Video)

Discover their personalities and culture in this amazing video featuring colorful images of Costa Rican People, self proclaimed “Ticos”, who are known for being very happy, friendly, and hard working.

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