Leon Nicaragua

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Leon Nicaragua

The second Largest city of Nicaragua

Leon Nicaragua as the second largest city in Nicaragua, after Managua. Home to the Universidad Centro Americana, Leon has a large student population and lots of restaurants, bars, and activities for people of all ages! Located just ninety minutes for Managua. Leon was established in 1524 by Spanish explorers and the original location was abandoned approximately a hundred years later after an eruption of the nearby volcano Momotombo. With many excellent examples of colonial Spanish architecture and some of Nicaragua’s most famous cathedrals. Leon rivals Granada as a destination for those looking for beautiful examples of the best in colonialism. More colonial cathedrals and churches per capita exist in Leon than in any other city in Nicaragua!

Leon Nicaragua The Intellectual Hub

Leon has been the intellectual center of Nicaragua for many years. Much of the population is students, and one of the first Universities in Nicaragua was established here in 1813. Leon has long been popular with international students because of its proximity to beautiful beaches and cheap accommodations. The population of Leon drops sharply during school holidays as many residents disappear to the beaches or return home.Located along the fertile Chiquito River, Leon has long been an important agricultural hub in Nicaragua. With sugar cane, peanuts and plantains, as well as cattle being vital to the economy of Leon, this area are critical to the overall economic well-being of Nicaragua.

Off the Beaten Path

Leon is much less visited than Managua and Granada, but is certainly worth a visit! Also, with the biggest Cathedral in Central America, fantastic examples of colonial architecture, proximity to fabulous beaches and smoldering volcanoes are all right here in the vicinity of the beautiful city. With strong Catholic roots and an intellectual enthusiasm and curiosity, Leon is a fascinating stop on your Nicaragua Adventure. From here you can visit the famous Cerro Negro Volcano!

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