Day tour San Carlos Nicaragua

Day trip to the neighboring Country

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Day tour San Carlos Nicaragua, Get to know the neighboring country Nicaragua

The Day Tour San Carlos Nicaragua offers the fantastic possibility for you to get to know another country while your vacation in Costa Rica. Even though Nicaragua is the neighboring country it has a very different culture as well as the landscape for you, it will be a new destination to explore. The tour starts early in the morning in La Fortuna, you will be picked up from the hotel you stay in. It takes about one and a half hour to drive to the border. On this way, you can enjoy the beautiful Farmland of Guanacaste you are driving through.

Day Tour San Carlos Nicaragua iguanaExplore the Rio Frio River

At the border, the driver who is speaking English will be happy to help you with all the formalities to cross. So do not forget to bring your passport and also your plane ticket or flight information. As soon as you arrive in Nicaragua, you will get to the dock where a boat is waiting. For one hour you will enjoy a journey on the Rio Frio River. Some beautiful views are waiting for you as well as a variety of wildlife you will spot. These can be howler monkeys and the Jesus Christ Lizard that can walk on water.

Discover colorful San Carlos and its history

When you arrive in San Carlos a local tour guide awaits you to show you around this colorful town. You will get to know a lot about its fascinating history and the San Juan River. At a restaurant at the riverside, you will get a tasteful Nicaraguan lunch. There you will also experience a great cultural performance. This country still has an authentic character and a unique landscape. Combined with the friendly people living here it is a fascinating destination to visit. For sure you will take some everlasting memories with you from this adventurous day tour San Carlos Nicaragua, a lovely country!

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