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A view worth staying for

The Bella Vista Condominiums were designed with luxury in mind they certainly live up to their name Bella Vista or (Beautiful View) in English. And it isn’t just the condominiums themselves that are beautiful but the area around them as well. You will gasp at the site of Paradise in the Herradura Bay. Just look at the view when you first arrive and you might never want to leave, and you can do exactly that if you want to. 

The Property

In and around the Bella Vista Condominiums are everything you can think of to make your dreams come true. From the gorgeous jungle surroundings to the stunning views every morning and not to mention the amenities. The designers did pay attention to the little details as you won’t be left with the feeling of discomfort but exactly the opposite. If you are looking for peace, then don’t look any further. You will be staying not even 200 yards from the Marina this is great for all the activities you can do at the Bella Vista Condominiums in Los Sueños Resort. 

Activities and Things to do

The things you can do here are endless, but one of the favorites is sports fishing. This is because of the marina and fishing charters located right on site. If you haven’t caught a big one in a while, then you would do well to come here. Another great activity to keep yourself occupied is golfing. Try out the amazing golf courses nearby and get the whole in one you dreamed about. Also, try out some water sports or land tours. Arranged either by us or the concierge service at Los Suños resort. 

Inside the Bella Vista Condominiums

Inside the Bella Vista Condos, you will find every luxury you can imagine with italian stylings and vaulted ceilings fully equipped kitchen and large dining, living areas. This will make for the perfect getaway destination spot to stay at. You can choose between three different views from the ocean view condo to the garden view also the Penthouse Casa Hemmingway. Here you will feel at home and have the best of the best place to stay. 

What’s different about Bella Vista?

Well, that is kind of a silly question because everything is different this is on a totally other level of luxury than your average hotel and you will notice it when you come. 

So what are you waiting for? Come enjoy these amazing properties today.

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Room Types

Bella Vista 2C Condo

Los Suenos Resort Bella Vista 2C

Bella Vista 3F Condo

Bella Vista 3F- Family

Bella Vista 4B Condo

Los Suenos Resort Bella Vista 4B

Bella Vista 4D Condo

Los Suenos Resort Bella Vista 4D

Bella Vista Condominiums Location

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