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Flying to Costa Rica for your next vacation couldn’t get better. What better way to fly than direct. No stops along the way and no waiting in line to get to your dream destination. Check out where you can fly from.

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Costa Rica, the land of Beaches, Volcanoes, and Waterfalls, and one of the most beautiful countries in not only Central America but the world. However, it can be a bit of a tricky place to get to. In this article, we are going to review the best Flights to Costa Rica. Naturally, we will consider the two airports San Jose (SJO) and Liberia (LIR), and look at what airlines you can take, and how to book them.

Flight Options To San JoseFlights to Costa Rica

San Jose is one of the two international terminals, and they have a large variety of carriers that fly directly into the country. From Canada, you will want to choose Air Canada Rouge, Air Transat or WestJet, and you will fly through Montréal or Toronto regularly. 

From The United States, you have a broad variety of choices in regards to flights. All the major airlines offer flights to Costa Rica. You can find flights from all the key hubs for these airlines. Also, you’ll find seasonal non-hub flights from some airlines, but you will have to search a little for those flights.

For those who are traveling from Europe, there are a growing number of choices. Well-reputed airlines, such as Lufthansa, Air France and KLM, have started to offer direct flights from their main hubs. Moreover, there are vacation airlines like Condor or TUI Airways which have flights to San José.

Flight Options To Liberia

Liberia, on the other hand, is the more popular destination for flights from the United States and Canada. Thus, you have a few more options in these regards. From Canada, you are served by four airlines, and although the focus is on East Coast hubs, Toronto and Montréal, there are some options for those on the Western coast to find a direct flight. The airlines that service this hub are Air Canada, WestJet, Sunwing and Air Transat.

The United States also has a similar amount of options when it comes to flights, and you will easily be able to get to Liberia from the United States. You will have eight options in regards to airlines, those being; American, United, Delta, Alaska Airlines, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit, and Volaris.

Finally, for those traveling in from Europe, you will be best served by TUI Airways which have direct flights from London to Liberia, and will have you in the sun in no time.

Purchasing Flights to Costa Rica

Airlines in Costa Rica

In regards to purchasing your flights, there are some great options to compare for pricing. First and foremost, Kayak offers all possible flights from your home airport to your destination. As well, there is Flight Network that provides protection on your flight purchase, and great options to get to Costa Rica. 


You should also check out the great options through sites such as SkyTracker and Google Flights to see available options throughout the week you are planning on travel. Finally, it is sometimes cheapest to book through the airline but make sure to shop around when ordering your flight.

Whether your flights to Costa Rica go to San Jose or Liberia, you will have a ton of options if you are traveling from Canada, the United States, and even Europe. San José offers a few more options, but most carriers fly to both airports no matter the time of year. Although it seems difficult, flying into Costa Rica is a breeze, and if you book through one of the sites above, it will be only a few days until you are enjoying the sun.

Before You Come and when you Leave

Before choosing your flight to Costa Rica it is good to have a few tips and tricks. Firstly, make sure your passport is up to date and isn’t about to expire. If you have six months left before expiration it is good to renew it now. Also, look at your the website of your government to see if you require a visa for entry into Costa Rica. Once you have arrived at the airport, you will go through customs or security. They will ask for departure dates and whether you are leaving by plane, bus or car.

Make sure to purchase an exit ticket. You should have reservations of a bus trip or hotel out of the country. Traversing through the airport security can be stressful but everything flows smoothly when you keep to the packing code and plan things through. Always leave a 30 minute to an hour in your schedule for security lines and picking up your luggage


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