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Costa Rica Population

Costa Rica Population and Demographics

A Vast Diversity in Population

Costa Rica holds so much to behold. A large Diversity in Nature, Climates, Culture, and Geography. But something that you don’t hear a lot about is the Costa Rica population. Believe it or not, Costa Rica doesn’t have a large number of people it peaks at just under five million inhabitants. Its population stats are just under Nicaragua at six million and just above Panama at 3.8 Million. Although there isn’t a huge population here, there is a huge difference in populations. For example, in this small country, there are many from Europe, North America, and South America.

Costa Rica Population Indigenous tribesAncestors 

The ancestry of most Costa Ricans stems back thousands of years. A small portion of Costa Rican bloodline comes from Pre-Columbian Amerindian or Indigenous peoples and an even smaller percentage of African ancestry. The majority of the Costa Rica Population comes from Europe since Christopher Columbus discovered Costa Rica and settlements produced. The majority of European descendants are located in the interior part of the country or the Central Vally. That’s where 70% of the whole population is. On the other hand, most African Costa Rica descendants reside on the Caribbean coast, and the Indigenous part spread throughout all of Costa Rica. 

Emigration and Immigration

Let’s just say Costa Ricans don’t like to travel. Costa Rica has one of the smallest migration rates of the world. Only 6% of its inhabitants located outside of the country. That says a lot about the social culture of Costa Ricans they are very family oriented and always tend to come back home. It also speaks volumes about the country itself. Costa Rica is a gorgeous country to live in, it’s safe, and the people are friendly. Another part of this idea is in the Immigration. Costa Rica has one of the biggest Immigrant basins in the world. With over 10 percent of its population being from other parts of the earth. The main countries that immigrants come from are Nicaragua, Colombia, and United States. Other countries include Canada, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, China, Etc.

Languages and Dialects

With all these immigrants comes a vast variety of languages to be spoken. The primary and official language of the Costa Rica population is Spanish. That said you will hear some different dialects of Spanish, Including from Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Spain, and Mexico. Other languages you will hear are English, German, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese, and others. Spanish in Costa Rica is unique to the area having different sayings and phrases. For example Pura Vida (Pure Life) Tuanis (Cool or laidback). About 10 percent of the Costa Rica population speak English as a second language so feel free to try out English with locals. They will more than likely be happy to test their communication skills.

Costa Rica population FlagCosta Rican Religion

The official religion of Costa Rica is Catholic you will see it in the traditions and definitely on holidays as many locals flood the streets for Holy week or Easter. Roughly 70 percent of the Costa Rican communities is Roman Catholic. The whole Costa Rican culture is defined around it; their religion is deeply rooted in almost every family. All through the country, you will find big churches and even ruins that were once churches. For example the Basilica, The Ruins in Cartago, Ujaras and many others. Other religions include Evangelical Protestants, and 4.3% belong to other faiths.

Costa Ricans are an excellent bunch of people if you are new here they will take you in and show you their culture and ways of life. The best thing to have when visiting this country is an open mind. All in all, you will learn a lot from your trips and visits to this gorgeous country of Costa Rica

Costa Rica Population and Demographics
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