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Many people come to Costa Rica for its beautiful tropical beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. You’re sure to find beachside bliss on one of the many popular beaches (playas) of Costa Rica! Popular spots include Tamarindo, Manuel Antonio, Santa Teresa, Puerto Viejo – just to name a few of these Costa Rica attractions! Of course aside from beaches, Costa Rica is home to one of the most developed National Parks Systems in the world. There is an astonishing amount of the territory protected as either a national park or reserve. Explore the rainforests, mangroves, wetlands that Costa Rica has preserved for all the world to appreciate and enjoy.

And, if that weren’t enough – there are several volcanoes that are well worth the visit. Visitors flock from around the world to marvel at the Poás, Arenal and Rincón de la Vieja Volcanoes among others. You most definitely can not leave here without visiting one of the many beautiful cities. Costa Rica boasts a very safe and clean atmosphere in their cities, towns, and villages. In conclusion, the list of Costa Rica Waterfalls is in the thousands. As a result, this endless array of waterfalls is world-renowned for its beauty. These wonderful Costa Rica attractions bring many visitors each year. As you now know about Costa Rica’s major attractions you should look into the Best Things to Do in Costa Rica!

Explore the Rich Coast

San Jose Costa Rica Central Park


The cities of Costa Rica are amazing and will bring a new type of thrilling adventure to your trip. Explore the beautiful architecture and history of the Cities in Costa Rica

Cruces Biologica view

National Parks

Visit the most amazing National Parks in Costa Rica. This little country is full of them and these parks are full of life. Such a diversity doesn’t exist anywhere else on earth.

Volcanoes of Costa Rica


Volcanoes tend to stay the same for thousands of years but these ones are surprisingly alive Costa Rica holds some of the most active volcanoes worldwide. 

Cocos Island Costa Rica


This little country might not have many islands but they are stunningly diverse and unique. These island are one of the best features of Costa Rica.

Pacuare River Costa Rica


There are rivers all over the country stemming from the mountains and down to the coast. You will have fun traversing the amazing rapids of even the deep canals of Costa Rica. 

Costa Rica Attractions and Points of Interest

Costa Rica is the country of landmarks and has so many different points of interest. From the majestic Volcanoes to the cascading waterfalls and glorious beaches. But what about the unknown places. When you travel to Costa Rica your mind is generally on getting to the beach or resort and having a relaxing trip. We tend to look over these other Costa Rica points of interest. One of these is the National Theatre. This historic site is where the true history of the country is at. There is such unique architecture within this one landmark. Inside you will see stunning paintings and statues almost like being in an art gallery of the whole country. 

Another great point is Lake Arenal. When you travel to the volcano you will see this amazing lake for fun activities. But did you know that Lake Arenal is man made and is the largest lake in all Costa Rica. What about the ruins of Costa Rica. There are a surprisingly large amount of historic site and ruins. One of them being in Cartago. Known simply to people here as Las Ruinas or (The Ruins). If you are looking for a bit more excitement than it might be good to visit the National Stadium. This is where the fun is at front large concerts to the best games of Soccer (Futbol) and even a few monster truck shows.

Finding Costa Rica Points of Interest is rather easy and all you have to do is enjoy them. Nothing but great attractions.

Cascadas de Costa Rica


We have lost count on how many waterfalls there are in Costa Rica but if you want to see some of the best ones why not check out the top ten here.

costa rica national parks frog


The jungles of Costa Rica art fascinating and mysterious all at the same time. Look at the many different kinds of Rainforest there is here and see what one you will be near on your next trip to Costa Rica.

top museums in san jose golden

National Museums

Check out the best museums in the country from the national museum to the jade museum. They are full of history and fascinating artifacts. 

National Theater San Jose Costa Rica

National Theatre

The Teatro Nacional is a cool place to visit because of its breathtaking performances. From stunning ballets to the orchestral compositions put on by the best of the best performers. 

costa ricas national stadium Its a big deal stadium

National Stadium

If you are looking to have some fun while here in Costa Rica than check out the National Stadium. From the most exciting soccer games to concerts of the greatest artists. 

Orosi Ruins


This is where the real history is. Experience the ruins of Costa Rica and find out what used to be here. These aren’t just old buildings but what used to be a way of life. 

Guayabo archaeological drawings

Guayabo Monument

The guayaba Monument is a really cool archeological site to explore when you visit Costa Rica. Find out more about this interesting site. 

Horseback Riding Arenal Lake

Lake Arenal

This is the biggest man-made lake in all of the Central America. It is also one of the most beautiful in the world because of such a wonderful view the Arenal Volcano. 

Volcano Lodge Hot Springs

Hot Springs

If you want to indulge in the ultimate experience of relaxation than you should try out Costa Rica Hot Springs. For thousands of years, they have brought peace of mind to the body. 

Grand Casino Escazu

Costa Rica Casinos

If you like the excitement of Gambling then come play at any of the Costa Rica Casinos, see if you can win in paradise! Let us help you plan.

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