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Costa Rica Islands

Is Costa Rica an Island?

You may think this to be a weird question if you live in Costa Rica, but many people don’t know where Costa Rica is on the map let alone if it is an island or not. Well the answer to the question “Is Costa Rica an Island?” is a big NO, Costa Rica is not an island. It is actually apart of the Central Americas. Just below Nicaragua and just above Panama, part of both the caribbean and the pacific. One thing you may not have known is there are quiet a few small Costa Rica Islands.

Explore the unknown of Costa Rica Islands.

If you are looking for an adventure and not the kind you find in a Jurassic park, then you certainly are in the right place. Believe it or not, Costa Rica islands don’t have dinosaurs, but they do have an endless array of other plants and wildlife. The Caño Island is one of these. It is off the Coast of the Osa Peninsula on the Pacific side. Roughly 15 kilometers out to sea. On the island itself is a lot of different animals but deep into the blue is where the stories are at. The seas are full of dolphins, manta rays, sharks, whales, sea turtles, etc.a great places, etc. 

Another peaceful island to visit is Isla Tortuga. This little island is located off the coast of the Nicoya Penisula, for relaxing at the beach and soaking up some sun. The surf is calm and great for swimming. Cocos Island is by far the most secluded part of Costa Rica. Situated 550 kilometers away fromCosta Rica shores on the Pacific side. If you want a journey than you definitely should visit here. Although closer to other countries it became Costa Rica’s because of the animal population is the same as the rest of Costa Rica

All in all where ever you visit here will be an adventure. Experience these awesome attractions

Other islands of Costa Rica

Most of the islands are scattered throughout the Pacific side but some do exist on the Caribbean side. Two of these islands extend off of the Tortuguero region. One being Isla Calero and the other Isla Brava. You certainly won’t think they are islands by looking at a map as the only thing separating them from Costa Rica is the River Canals. Though they are classified as islands. The other little piece of land on the Caribbean side is Uvita Island. It is located directly in front of Limon and is rather small only 0.8 kilometers long.  

The Last two islands are Isla de Chira and Isla San Lucas. Isla de Chira is Located in the upper part of the Nicoya Peninsula with a size of 7400 Acres. Then Isla San Lucas located right in the Golf of the Nicoya. This Particular island has a fascinating History as it used to serve as one of Costa Rica’s prisons similar to Alcatraz.  

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