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Visiting Nosara

Visit the sunny, golden coasts of the Nicoya Peninsula for a real Costa Rica experience! Nosara is home to some of the most amazing surfing beaches and diverse jungles and mangroves. If you are looking for ultimate relaxation, you will be happy to learn that Nosara is the mecca for yoga enthusiasts! Or perhaps you are a keen fisher? Then join the local captains on their quest for mahi mahi and marlin!

The beaches are only 15 minutes removed from Nosara airport and are part of the Guanacaste province. The town of Nosara, a charming gem on its own, is a great example of how Costa Rica’s methods for town and city building blend in beautifully with the surrounding areas. You will find a large array of restaurants, hotels and shops without feeling the natural heritage has been compromised in any way. Nosara is a paradise for anybody looking for nature, relaxation and adventure.


The Community

Nosara TownCosta Rica has been thoroughly shaped by opening up its borders and its heart to many different influences. In Nosara you will find a sizeable expat community as well as a town center alive with the vibrant energy of the Ticos. Allow yourself a feel for both of them and experience the cultural variety this lovely town has to offer. Learn about the joys and challenges of living in Costa Rica by having a beer with the expats. But feel the Pura Vida spirit by spending some time with the locals.


Surfing NosaraAs one of the world’s leading surf towns, you can’t pick a better spot to take out your board and ride the waves. The iconic Playa Guiones attracts the novice looking for the most thrilling introduction to the sport as well as seasoned surfers wanting to push their limits. If you feel like unwinding after an adrenaline filled day, walk 10 minutes further north and find a nice spot at Playa Pelada. This half moon bay with sparkling, turquoise waters is ideal for enjoying a peaceful couple of hours under the palm trees.


Yoga in NosaraNosara’s natural heritage and tranquil environment are made for those looking to take a detour from the fast track and learn to be at home with themselves. Offering a large number of yoga retreats, you can take your pick of different yoga disciplines. Whether you want to train yourself in Acro, Kundalini, Vinyasa or perhaps surfer specific yoga, you are guaranteed to find the right temple to calm your mind.


Yellowfin SportfishingThe yellowfin tuna, the mahi mahi, the snapper, the black, blue and striped marlin, … Nosara’s marine life is as diverse as its people! Join one of the professional captains in a trip that will introduce you to some of the best sport fishing in the world.

River Activities

Rio NosaraYour aquatic adventures don’t have to end at the beach. Paddle or kayak your way through the mangroves and get better acquainted with Rio Montana and Rio Nosara. This is the perfect activity for those looking to combine water sports with a little peace of mind. Let the river take you through the Nosara jungles accompanied by the real soundtrack of Costa Rica! The sound of the birds, the monkeys and the water gently making way for you and your vessel.

Wildlife Refuge Centers

SIBU Sanctuary NosaraCosta Rica is well known for the efforts made towards protecting its wildlife. If you would like to see how some of these initiatives are organized, you can pass by the SIBU Sanctuary where they rescue and rehabilitate animals like the coatimundi and the white-faced monkeys. If you venture a little bit further north, you can visit Ostional beach. A research center and nesting site for Olive Ridley Turtles!


Visit between January and May: If you visit during the dry season, you can take advantage of the best weather and avoid heavy rains during your trip.

Visit nearby beaches: Don’t miss out on gems like Playa Ostional to see sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach. 

Rent a car: Nosara is a little bit spread out so we suggest exploring it by car.

Experience the variety: Nosara is best known for surfing and yoga, but don’t miss out on experiencing other things like the jungles, rivers and wildlife sanctuaries!

Getting There

Closest International Airport: Daniel Oduber International Airport

sansa airline airportNosara Domestic airport is located just a stone’s throw from the beaches and air travel is by far the easiest way to get there. The airport only receives charter and domestic flights. Sansa offers daily flights from San Jose as well as Liberia. From San Jose the flight will take 35 minutes and from Libera only 15. Many local hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport and will take 15 minutes. Private shuttles from San Jose can be provided but will cost you around $240. Shared shuttles are a more affordable option between $50 and $100. If you want to take advantage from the shuttle service between Liberia and Nosara, you will pay about half the price.

Where to Stay

Bodhi Tree Yoga ResortNosara offers some amazing hotel options with a strong focus on sustainability. If you are looking for a great yoga retreat, check out the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort and combine luxury with a comfortable boutique atmosphere. For a friendly beachfront hotel with an amazing pool to boot, book your stay at Olas Verdes Hotel. If you are looking for a large range of health and wellness options, have a closer look at Harmony Hotel. For a stay at a hotel that will help you book some jungle tours as well as offer stunning sunset views, book a stay at Hotel Lagarta Lodge.


Gallo PintoNosara is a food lover’s paradise and caters to all diets and preferences. If you want to try some local cuisine, you will definitely want to visit Rosi’s Soda Tica. For the best seafood in town, make sure to put Pacifico Azul on your list. For those craving healthy, simple and vegetarian food, you will hit the jackpot when you visit Nosara’s Bagel House or Restaurante Enigma.

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Nosara Map

Nosara is located in the province of Guanacaste. 123 km away from Liberia.
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There is a lot more to Nosara Beach than first meets the eye! This is the perfect destination for a beautiful holiday combing adrenaline filled activities with ultimate rel...

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