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My Costa Rica Team – Custom Vacations To Costa Rica Since 2004

We at the My Costa Rica team are proud to have been in operation for the last 10 years, planning Custom Vacations To Costa Rica.  The My Costa Rica Travel Agency opened back in December 2004. Although we have grown in this time. We still pride ourselves on the personalized service and attention that we offer our guests. Here we are a group of professionals that are passionate about promoting Sustainable Tourism to Costa Rica.We at My Costa Rica help our guests SAVE TIME & MONEY while getting the most out of their time abroad.  

We’re here for you every step of the way. All throughout the planning stages, meeting you at the airport when you arrive and are on call for you 24 hours a day / 7 days a week doing your stay.   We are proud to call this beautiful country our home. Also, we hope to be your guide here in tropical paradise!


Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman - General Manager

My love of different cultures and travel led me to study Spanish and Anthropology at the University and I first came to Costa Rica with a study abroad program in 1999. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful country and spent several years backpacking and exploring it. Over time, people began to contact me for help in planning their trips and the My Costa Rica project began. My personal goal is to promote sustainable tourism to our guests and to have a positive impact on this beautiful country which is now my home.

Study abroad at the University of Costa Rica in 1999

jason bateman hikingAs a student of Spanish & Anthropology at the University of Colorado, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Costa Rica in 1999. I used to joke that I wanted to be “Indiana Jones”, searching for hidden treasures and adventures. I immediately fell in love with the natural treasures that abound in Costa Rica and after finishing my studies, I taught English and backpacked through the region for several years. Over time, people began to contact me for travel advice and I found vacation planning to be really rewarding and I loved the feedback that I got after having helped people plan their vacations. The idea of started working in tourism came naturally over time and gave me the opportunity to share my experiences and all that this country has to offer with others.

jason bateman my costa ricaStriving to Promote Sustainable & Cultural Tourism

In 2004 I began developing the online travel site for our Travel Agency My Costa Rica with hopes to provide people with an accurate resource to vacationing in this diverse and beautiful country I now call home. Out travel agency began marketing more upscale, luxury vacation packages but over time the focus has shifted to promoting more Sustainable Tourism to Costa Rica and cultural tours – while striving to guarantee the highest standards of quality in the providers that we recommend. Our hope is that through promoting responsible, environmentally friendly projects that are locally owned and that are contributing members in their communities we can help preserve the very things that attract people to Costa Rica in the first place and guarantee that they’ll be around for future visitors to enjoy.

Passionate About Costa Rica

jason batemanMy year abroad back in 1999 was about exploration and I remember how I had a map of Costa Rica on that wall that I studied religiously, eagerly planning every weekend between classes. I decorated the map with pins on all the places I had visited – wanted to see it all. I am happy to report that with nearly 13 years in the country, I still have not see all that Costa Rica has to offer! As a backpacker I traveled the country and into Panamá & Nicaragua by public bus, camping and staying at hostels. I loved to surf and would go nearly every weekend. Before I began working on the My Costa Rica project, I taught English for several years and I remember camping out one of my favorite beaches at the time, Mal País. Since I began to work in tourism, I began to see another side of the country and have had the opportunity to visit some of Costa Rica’s best resorts and accommodations and experience a lot of the tours personally. I really think I have the best job in the world and I’m always on the lookout for new destinations or adventures.

jason bateman feeding the birdsAnthropology & Tourism

Some people think that it’s kind of ironic that I studied Anthropology and Spanish and ended up working in tourism, but I think they’re really related. Travel to a foreign country is a powerful cultural experience, an encounter between two different cultures. We strive to give our clients the opportunity to discover Costa Rican culture, that the people and traditions here are unique – not just an extension of Mexico. Vacations change lives. I think people are more open-minded while traveling, more receptive to new ideas. I’d like to think that we can inspire people if we give them the opportunity to interact with another culture while participating in responsible and sustainable tourism and perhaps have a profound effect on their lives.

Lorena Guillén - Travel Coordinator

Lorena Bateman - Operations and Product Manager

I’m one of the travel coordinators at My Costa Rica and we love making people’s dream vacation to Costa Rica a reality. We specialised in custom vacation itineraries personalized just to satisfy the needs of our clients. When you think about Costa Rica, think about My Costa Rica because we just recommend the best – If you want the best, travel with us! 

Sales Team

Greivin Álvarez

Greivin Álvarez - Travel Coordinator

I was born in San Carlos, near the Arenal volcano where I lived until the age of 12, after that I have lived in the US, China and Panama. This proved to me that Costa Rica is the coolest place to be and that is why I love sharing it with other people. My first advice to visit Costa Rica is to come with an open mind and willing to live every experience with a good attitude.


Rebeca - Travel Coordinator

I’m a Costa Rican who enjoys exploring the country and visiting new places. I love sharing my knowledge with our clients and helping them create life-time memories through their vacations. It’s extremely rewarding when a client comes back to tell you that they had an amazing time and that you helped them make a dream come true.

Pilar Arias

Pilar Arias - Travel Coordinator

With a great passion for discovering new places, meeting different people, and eating good food I discovered the career of tourism was for me. Since 1995 I work in the travel industry and it is with great pleasure that I share my knowledge about my country with guests who want to discover Costa Rica with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed trip. In MCR from the volcanos, passing by the rainforest and ending in the spectacular beaches we always find something that adjusts to our customer’s interests and we make their dreams vacations come true.


Natalia López Reservations

Natalia López

I am part of this wonderful Agency in the reservations department and I like that the client feels good with the effort that each of the team of work makes for you to enjoy your visit in our beautiful country.

Drivers, Guides, and More

Abel - Driver/Guide

Abel - Driver/Guide

It is amazing to work with Jason and the great team at My Costa Rica. For several years they are giving me a job to provide confidence and affection for nice clients. These are people visiting my country and friends coming for their second visit. A friend and professional in tourism always awaits.

Abner Arias

Abner Arias - Driver/Guide

I’ve had the honor to work with My Costa Rica as a driver and guide for over 10 years now.  I really do feel that I have the best job in the world and love showing people from the world my country and sharing with them.  I like to make our clients feel that they are not rushed, that we can take our time to get to the destination – as getting there is part of the adventure!  

Mauren Porras - Airport Coordinator

Mauren - Airport Concierge

I am proud to have worked with My Costa Rica since almost the beginning and have received guests from around the world at the international airport since for over 10 years.  You’ll see me when you leave the main terminal with the My Costa Rica uniform and a sign with your name on it.  I’m here to present you with all the physical documents you’ll be needing for your trip, present you with a welcome gift and make sure that your vacation begins smoothly and safely.  I look forward to seeing you when you arrive! 

Xinia Salas – Accountant

Xinia Salas – Accountant

My name is Xinia Salas, I am Costa Rican and I have been in the accounting business for more than 15 years. I began working for My Costa Rica in October 2005 and have been taking care of the accounting ever since. During those years I helped the company and tried to collaborate with the purpose to provide the best service to the clients. In these 7 years together we shared a lot of experiences and we saw the improvement of the agency. Now we can clearly see only good things in our future. I hope to keep this excellent labor relationship for many more years and see My Costa Rica becoming the best Sustainable Travel Agency in the country.

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