How sustainable tourism can help build a better future

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My Costa Rica subscribes to two great missions: ultimate client satisfaction and the passionate promotion of sustainable travel. We strive to educate and inspire our guests to have a positive impact during their stay here. Additionally, we support various programs and initiatives that help turn tourism into the driving factor for positive change!

Sustainability is more than just trying to reduce your carbon footprint. From a more holistic point of view, it is a systematic matter that needs to be implemented in every aspect of life. Sustainable tourism in specific can be categorized under three main pillars:

Environmental Sustainability: the conservation and protection of natural heritage

Socio-cultural Sustainability: supporting local communities and allowing them to emancipate

Economic Sustainability: supporting local businesses and allowing them to flourish

Allow us to expand on the initiatives we support and how YOU can help us create a world where we can live in balance with nature and with each other.

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Conservational and charitable initiatives we support

Association Community Carbon Trees

Association Community Carbon Trees

Sea levels are rising. Temperatures are increasing. Seasons are changing. Polluted air fills our lungs. Water shortages. Flooding. Desertification. Deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels lead to alterations in the atmospheric composition. CO2 and other greenhouse gases trap the heat, which we receive through the sun. This is where tropical trees play an important role as a natural carbon recycler. We have the power to change this situation for the better. As we help you plan your stay in Costa Rica, let us start with your vacation! Let’s promote sustainable tourism together!

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The Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an initiative set up to protect children from sexual exploitation in travel and tourism. There are an increasing sensitivity and awareness to social and ethical issues in the tourism industry. This is the fastest growing economic sector worldwide and while the Costa Rica Tourism industry isn’t responsible nor accused of encouraging this complex social problem, they were asked to contribute and react to it. We as an agency, dedicate ourselves to promoting responsible and sustainable development in Costa Rica Tourism by helping protect human rights.

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Pack for a Purpose when Traveling to Costa Rica

Traveling is more than just an opportunity to see the world. It is a chance to have a positive impact on the country you are visiting. Costa Rica may be known as a country with a high level in education and welfare, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any vulnerable members of society in need our support.

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UNWTO Code of Ethics

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism (GCET) is a set of principles directed towards; central and local governments, local communities, Costa Rica Tourism industry and visitors, both international and domestic. Their purpose is to guide stakeholders in tourism development. Included in the Code are stipulations about the corporate social responsibility of travel agencies to use tourism as a vehicle to benefit local communities. They do this without endangering or risking the well-being of communities, but instead to bolster the local economy and environment.

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Carbon Neutral Vacations to Costa Rica

Right now, traveling is faster, easier and more popular than it has ever been. However, as tourists flock to beautiful locations all over the world, the negative environmental effects leave people wondering how they can possibly have a carbon neutral vacation and promote sustainable tourism by reducing their carbon footprint. Here is a practical guide on how you can achieve that and make you next trip not only inspiring, but also GREEN!

Learn more about sustainability in Costa Rica

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Animal Rights in Costa Rica

Google Costa Rica and animal rights and you will be met with a long list of positive press, most recently about the Animal Welfare Bill of 2017. But what does this law actually mean for Costa Rica’s pets and wildlife and what events have lead to this law being passed? Read all about it!


Visiting ZooAve

ZooAve is a rather special case that hovers somewhere between a zoo and a rescue center. They exhibit animals and focus strongly on education, that much is obvious. But they mainly accommodate wild animals previously kept as pets or those that have been badly injured. For some, of course, the injury or level of domestication has been too great and they will have to live out their lives in the zoo. Read about this worthy institution and what you can expect from a visit!

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Rescue Centers in Costa Rica

Despite the reforestation, domestication and illegal trafficking Costa Rica’s wildlife has had to face, the country now working very hard to put itself on the map as world leader in sustainability. A large part of this mission is put into practice by the licensed rescue centers the government as well as private institutions have invested in. Learn all about their history, their mission and how YOU can contribute!


Endangered Species in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has devoted a large part of its budget to conserve and protect its flora and fauna. That being said, these efforts have not been able to prevent deforestation and illegal hunting which has already caused some animals to get extinct. Other situations such as road accidents and electrocutions have been causing reason for concern, which in turn puts some species at risk to become part of the list of extinct species in Costa Rica. Read all about it!

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Top 10 initiatives that strive for a better Costa Rica

Costa Rica is taking big strides towards revolutionizing ecotourism and is developing ambitious plans to become the world’s greenest nation as well as trying to offer social care and education for every citizen. Of course, they aren’t quite there yet and there are still quite a few challenges to overcome before Costa Rica can claim these wonderful titles. If you are looking for a way to help the happiest nation on its way or perhaps want to contribute to a worthy cause during your travels, then we have 10 initiatives to introduce to you that can benefit from your support.

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Kids Saving the Rainforest

Kids Saving the Rainforest’s mission is to protect and rehabilitate wildlife, conducting scientific research and educating the population as well as tourists on conservation. They rescue more than 100 animals each year, and its main objective is to rehabilitate these animals so that they can be released in their natural habitat. Want to learn more about KSTR and perhaps support them in their efforts? Read on!

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Reforestation programs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been a pioneer in the development of funds for environmental services. Home to about 4% of the species on earth, this country offers a great variety of incredible landscapes and biodiversity. With agriculture, livestock, and development booming, Costa Rica has established programs to compensate landowners for reforestation so that the economy as well as the natural heritage can be further supported. Wondering how? Click and read!

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