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Costa Rica rainforests make up the majority of the country. They are the reason we have national parks and such a vast diversity of flora and fauna. They are the reason why animals are in such abundance here. It’s a blessing to have these gorgeous natural wonders in our backyard. Keep reading to find out more about Costa Rica rainforests, where they’re located and how to visit them! 

Costa Rica Jungle

Where Are they?

You will find rainforests in Costa Rica almost everywhere. Manuel Antonio, the Osa Peninsula, Monteverde, and Tortuguero are just a few examples. In fact, in each region the forest types are different. You will find the traditional rainforests in the Osa Peninsula and Tortuguero. Whereas on the northern Pacific side, or Guanacaste to be exact we see the dry forests. Lastly, not far from San Jose there is the Cloud Forest of Monteverde.Each type is beautiful and makes Costa Rica one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. 

Costa Rica Rainforest Activities

There are many fun activities for all types of travelers in any of the rainforests found in Costa Rica. See the nature for yourself or let us set up a custom tour with a professional guide. Go zip lining in the cloud forests of Monteverde or kayaking through the rivers and rainforests of Tortuguero. Go birding throughout the dry forests of Guanacaste or relax at a tropical lodge in the Osa Peninsula. 

Rainforest Diversity

Costa Rica Jungle

Rainforests of every type, form an excellent base for life to thrive.  Six percent of the world’s biodiversity (Plants and Animals) call these rainforests home. Costa Rica is home to 500,000 species, about 300,000 of them being insects. Canopies of the forest can grow to 200ft in height or 60 meters giving lots of shelter for animals to roam. 

Also, worth mentioning is the difference between a Rainforest and a Jungle. A rainforest has a large canopy protecting the forest floor from sunlight, and not allowing excessive growth of vines shrubs or small plants. On the other hand, a jungle has less of a tree canopy and lets lots of light to the forest floor allowing these little plants to grow all over creating a chaos of life.

Rainforest Wildlife

Rainforest wildlife is very diverse. You can find jaguars, butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, and many colorful bird and thousands of insect.  Costa Rica rainforests also hold some of the most endangered species of wildlife, Including the jaguars and Baird’s Tapir.  However due to deforestation or destruction of habitat, they, unfortunately, have dwindled in the past years.

You might also spot the Quetzal and Scarlet Macaw–two species of unique and gorgeous birds. Birders come from all over the world to get a chance to see them in their natural habitat. 

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