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Santa Rosa National Park 

The Santa Rosa National Park is Costa Rica’s first national park. The park was once the setting of the historic battle of Santa Rosa. Santa Rosa is also an important conservation area for Savannah and deciduous forests, mangroves and many forms of animal life. The park covers approximately 500 square kilometers and is adjacent to Guanacaste National Park.

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Santa Rosa National Park, most significantly known for its role in conservation.Also, it is home to several delicate ecosystems: tropical dry forest and a nesting area for endangered turtles.

There are two sectors of Santa Rosa. One is the less visited northern sector of Murcielago, and there is the southern sector of Santa Rosa. Murcielago has charming hidden beaches but is only accessible by dirt roads. There are over 100 different mammal species and 250 various bird species who inhabit Santa Rosa. It’s an excellent place to observe the beauty of nature! The wealth of biodiversity in the Santa Rosa National Park is due to its remote setting. Many of the roads into the park have very limited access, especially during the rainy season.

Some of the best surfing in Costa Rica are along the coast of Santa Rosa. The spectacular Playa Naranjo is known for Witch’s Rock. This beach has world class surf and is only accessed by boat. Witch’s Rock is one of the oldest rock formations in Costa Rica. In fact, the rocks are over 130 million years old and date back to the Cretaceous period.

Enjoy The Beautiful Beaches Of Santa Rosa

The landmark creates a near perfect beach break that allows for this ideal surfing spot.

Santa Rosa LizardPlaya Nancite is known as one of the world’s only protected area for olive Ridley turtle mass-nesting sites. Accessible only by biologists and students or those that acquire a permit, the turtle nesting is an awe-inspiring seasonal event well worth viewing.

There are areas of tropical dry forest in the Santa Rosa National Park that contain trees that are at least 500 years old. This is the largest protected area of dry forest habitat in all of Central America. The dry nature of the region makes for excellent wildlife and bird watching, as the animals tend to congregate at the limited water sources, making them easier to see. In fact, over twenty types of bats inhabit Santa Rosa, National Park. Without the protection provided by the historical significance, many species of plant and wildlife would now be extinct. Come see all the amazing National Parks in Costa Rica. 

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Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa

The Santa Rosa National Park was originally founded as a way of conserving a site with historical significance for the Costa Rican people. Along the way it became so much m...

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