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Serene escape in a blissful ambiance and beautiful scenery.

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Punta Islita Costa Rica, Hidden Paradise

Punta Islita located in the province of Guanacaste Costa Rica on the Pacific Coast, Nicoya Peninsula. It consists of two small connecting beaches, some of the least Beaches of Costa Rica. They have amazing white sand, gorgeous sunsets, and wavy sea. The little community of Punta Islita is the perfect setting for a holiday in the sun together with these lovely pristine, untouched little beaches. There is even a charming church in the village’s small plaza. These gorgeous small bays are separated by 80 million-year-old towers of volcanic rocks.

What To Do at the Beach, Punta Islita Costa Rica

Presently Playa Islita is the ideal destination for a serene escape to beautiful scenery. The little winding road above the cliff gives breathtaking views upon entering the village. The small beach is hidden in a cove that connects with another little beach called Corozalito. Of which also considered being part of Playa Islita.

It is lovely to take slow walks and to explore these beautiful beaches at sunset. There are of course plenty of water activities in Playa Islita. Such as swimming, snorkeling, and sea kayaking. You can also go on Tours including a nighttime sea turtle expedition. A great opportunity to witness the endangered species of sea turtles laying their eggs. You can also go river kayaking and mangrove kayaking. There are many interesting National Parks to see offering an outlook on the incredible bio-diversity of Costa Rica.

Punta Islita is the perfect romantic getaway. With some of the best hotels in the area, this beach is very popular with couples and even honeymooners. You can feed the romance by engaging in wonderful activities such as horseback riding no the beach.

Punta Islita is part of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula and so a great place to enjoy the pura vida vibe. Did you know that Nicoya was voted one of the Blue Zones of the world? Not to mention that the Guanacaste province has less rainfall than the rets of teh country, even during rainy season!

If you want to get your surf on, pay a visit to the neighboring beach Playa Camanoral.

Punta Islita Costa RicaWhere To Stay In Punta Islita Costa Rica

Playa Islita is known for its lovely luxurious hotel, the Hotel Punta Islita. By far one of the best beach Hotels of Costa Rica. This is truly an extraordinary haven with its spectacular views. It has first class service and sheers luxury giving its guests a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. Located in one of the secluded coves and can host up to 100 guests in top-notch accommodations. Including full service and its spa and restaurant. As a result of Playa Islita is one of these little-hidden jewels that deliver authenticity, beauty, and bliss, unique with its Costa Rica charm and incredible flora and fauna.

Islita Art Museum and Local Artists

Guanacaste is famous for its passion for color and artistic expression. The Islita Art Museum has supported local artists to create the village of Islita into a living expression of the joy that exists in this area. Also, colorful murals and unique sculptures found throughout the village, and community art projects continue the local tradition of vibrant art appreciation. The Islita Art Museum offers a place where guests to the area can visit local studios, enjoy the local culture of the area and purchase unique, signature pieces to remind them of their time in sunny Costa Rica after they return home!

Punta Islita, The Authentic Costa Rican Jewel

Punta Islita Beach offers a blissful, serene escape in a combination of peaceful atmosphere, leisure, adventure, and explorations. The two little beaches have not been touched. and left as pristine and beautiful today as they were many years ago. Because of its hidden location, they are never crowded and are some of the most magical Beaches of Costa Rica. It has many little trails that lead to the eccentric flora and fauna of the region and where you will see hundreds of howler monkeys, agoutis, iguanas and an abundance of beautiful tropical birds. Truly this is a part of Costa Rica that is a must see for its impressive beauty and peaceful ambiance.

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Hotel Punta Islita

Hotel Punta Islita

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