Is Costa Rica Safe

You will be surprised!

Safety in Costa Rica is of top priority and we want to give you the best experience whether you’re on vacation or even looking to move abroad.

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Is Costa Rica Safe

Safety First 

Is Costa Rica Safe? A valid question. You will be surprised to find out how safe Costa Rica really is.

Costa Rica is a really safe country for travelers, but just like anywhere it is important to take certain precautions to guarantee a safe and enjoyable trip. It is important not to leave personal belonging unattended. When parking your car, make sure that it is a secure area with a guard and that your luggage is not in plain site. Don’t leave your camera or backpack out of site. While Costa Rica is a safe country, petty theft is common so it is important to be mindful of your things.

Exercise precaution when going out at night, especially when drinking at local bars. When visiting a foreign country it is important to drink with moderation and avoid illegal substances. You may want to leave your passport in the safe at the hotel so as not to bring it with you while you are our and about. But be sure to make a copy of your passport and carry a photo ID to take with you when you leave your hotel.

car rentals costa rica beachesIs Costa Rica safe for Driving?

Is any place safe for driving? really? Just like many other countries Costa Rica can be very hectic during rush hour. If you live far out in the country where cars are rare than driving downtown San Jose might be a bit scary. Although if you have lived in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Tokyo, or Mumbai for example than driving here will be a breeze. The culture of driving is a little different though. Ticos may seem like a relaxed bunch of people but when you put them behind the wheel of a car they change. They can be aggressive fast and dangerous. It can be a bit disconcerting have motorcycles surround your car as your turning a corner or navigating a roundabout. 

It is a totally different world once you get outside the city, road conditions get worse of the main highways and you will be navigating through mountain ranges. You can expect to have many curvy roads in the mountains and a lot of bumps along the way. All in all, driving in Costa Rica really isn’t that bad. If you like the freedom of driving than it comes highly recommended. A side note don’t leave any expensive belonging visible in the car, petty theft does happen here. 

So much to seeIs Costa Rica safe to Travel?

Is Costa Rica safe for traveling and exploring? A resounding yes. Many are afraid of countries south of Mexico because of the stereotypical ideas about drug trafficking, kidnappings, and murders. You may be surprised thought that Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in North America along with the United States and Canada. In Fact, many think that Costa Rica is safer than many parts of the United States. Along the Coast and in the smaller beachside towns you will love the peace and quiet of the locals. Of course, you do still have to be careful. 

You would be silly to not expect to see theft and smaller crimes. This may be paradise but it isn’t perfect. As long as you have a level head, use common sense and keep your expensive belonging where they belong you will be fine. Many families, couples, backpackers and thousands of other travelers come to Costa Rica every year. This isn’t only because of the beauty but the safety of travel. Costa Rica even dissolved their army years ago. So feel free to explore the country of Pura Vida. 

Mosquito Repellent Costa RicaIs Costa Rica safe for my Health

Health Safety is one of the biggest concerns to travelers. Check out the article about vaccinations and see whether you need one or not. Another thing that worried travelers for a while is the Zika virus. This was of big concern but has died down in the past years. You do still have to be wary about the Virus as it can affect ones that are pregnant, children, and elderly in a worse way than a healthier person. Alway make sure to do your research before you come to any country. Ask yourself where and when you will be traveling and see what you can do to stay as healthy as you can. 


How big is Costa Rica, Forest and CloudsIs Costa Rica safe to Live?

So Costa Rica might be safe for traveling on occasion but what if you want to live here? Just ask the thousands of expats that live here already. People from all over the world have come to love living in this little country. They come from all walks of life, places like Europe, Canada, United States, Asia, and more. Retiring abroad in Costa Rica is becoming very popular. There are small communities in places like La Fortuna, Nosara, and Manuel Antonio that expats love to live. Even in San Jose, you will see many foreign businessmen and women that come for work. You also see many exchange students, and Interns that live nearby the Universities.  Also, you will see ones that just love the country and work online as Teachers, Writers, Translators, Etc. 

Tours para Familias en Costa RicaIs Costa Rica safe for Families?

Safety for families is of utmost importance, this is especially true while traveling. Make sure to discuss with children the do’s and Don’ts before you come to a foreign country. Although the likely hood of something happening is extremely low you can never be too cautious when it comes to keeping your children and each other safe. 


Safety Tips

1. Think Smart

Use Common Sense when traveling and you are sure to have a problem free trip. 

2. Get Insurance

Always buy travel Insurance! This should be a no brainer but you would be surprised.

3. Have a plan

Plan out your trip and research before you go you can find many great articles to read here in the Travel section

4. Don’t Rush

When you rush is when bad things happen. If you’re going crazy worrying about your trip itinerary you can forget the most important thing, Safety.

5. Keep an eye on your Stuff

leaving belongings unattended is a good way to let people know you don’t care about them. If you’re at the beach maybe leave behind certain things or lock them in the room safe. Always have your passport in site. And don’t be flashing electronic or fancy watches around late at night. 

6. Use a reputable Travel Agency

Don’t just use any agency use one that is familiar with Costa Rica. Many agencies haven’t even been to the destinations that they advertise. But here at My Costa Rica, we live in the Country that we sell. You can be sure that we know all the ins and outs of this Fabulous country. Check out our reviews


Side Notes

Another type of Safety you should be aware of is animal safety, although it is a very rare occurrence Costa Rica does have big cats, snakes, spiders, and scorpions. Make sure you travel with a guide. During the wet season snakes especially become more lively and aggressive. Check out snake safety here.  Also be wary of spiders and scorpions crawling in places they shouldn’t 

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