Esterillos Beach

It offers many activities for the ones who love adventure and also relaxation.

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Esterillos Costa Rica

Esterillos Costa Rica is a beach that has an exotic tropical air that is very pleasant. With its chocolate-brown sandy beach, turquoise blue sea, and the almond and coconut trees teeming with Scarlet Macaws. The long stretch consists of Esterillos Oeste, Centro, and Esterillos Este. Esterillos Beach is a very typical destination in Costa Rica and is popular with locals and foreigners alike. It has plenty of places to stay, from luxurious hotels including the charming Alma del Pacifico and Hotel Monterey del Mar.

Esterillos Costa Rica surf What to do in Esterillos beach

There is an exciting array of activities and explorations to do in Esterillos Beach, surfing being of course number one! When it is low tide, the beach is dramatically bigger and allows for long walks. When in Esterillos, look for Canopy Tours, Kayaking, canoeing, white water rafting and Tours of Manuel Antonio.

It is ideal for horseback riding, or even riding your bike. In Esterillos Oeste there are rocky patches that form lovely rock pools. All great for relaxing and watching miniature wildlife. There you will see the famous Sirena, a formidable statue of a mermaid that seems to guard the coast. Esterillos Oeste is where you have most hotels and restaurants. The center part is a lot more wild and deserted and Esterillos Este has an airstrip that is not for the faint-hearted, indeed it is no longer in use.

Where to stay in Esterillos Beach

Esterillos Beach is home to some fabulous places to stay. Places like Alma del Pacifico offers the combination of nature, the sun, and sea and with the proximity of Jaco there is a lot of shopping, dining and drinking a stone throw away. The Alma del Pacifico is truly a wonderful place to stay on the Pacific Coast; the spacious villas, all tastefully decorated, will take your breath away. This hotel comes at your disposition with two swimming pools, a restaurant, a bar, a spa and a Jacuzzi. It is the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying what the province of Puntarenas has to offer in terms of flora and fauna in total luxury and comfort.

Esterillos Beach, a small paradise close to San Jose

Esterillos Beach is one of the most beautiful Costa Rica beaches without the crowds and is known for its chocolate-colored sand, great surf and green lush foliage. It transports you to a world apart, far away from the maddening crowd and the chaos of civilization. It seems that the elements met there to create a lost beautiful heaven, where nothing has changed for a very long time. Enjoy the soft heat of the evenings while watching a magnificent sunset. So much to do in the Central Pacific.

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Esterillos Beach

Esterillos Beach

Esterillos Beach is the place to be ! Feel the direct contact with nature, feel relaxed, happy and in harmony with Mother Earth.

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