Playa Naranjo or Witches Rock Costa Rica

Located in the Sunny Region of the Nicoya Peninsula

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Roca Bruja  

Playa Naranjo also known as Witches Rock Costa Rica is located on the sunny side of the Rich Coast in Guanacaste. The Beach is extremely popular among surfers and is known for amazing scenery. 

Your Surfing guide

Witches Rock is a superb Costa Rica surf spot in Guanacaste inside Santa Rosa National Park with hollow lefts and rights, especially during the best surfing months between December and April. It’s important to know that surfing in Costa Rica on such a remote beach requires preparation. Naranjo Beach is in the middle of nowhere, shade is an amenity here, all you receive are hot tropical dry forest thickets, mangroves, wildlife, grayish sands and a road that was never meant for vehicles and it’s closed half of the year. So put on your hiking shoes, bring your board, snacks, and lots of water because it is definitely worth the trip.

Witches Rock (Roca Bruja) is a giant slab of a boulder standing out from the ocean bottom and peeking through the water like a giant at Naranjo Beach observing curl after curl of Costa Rica surf.

The waves at Witches Rock are so excellent, crocodiles have been known to surf them, that’s no joke. It is also said, that even on a bad day, Witches Rock is good.

witches rock costa ricaThing to do near by Witches Rock Costa Rica

Although this is known as one of Costa Rica’s best surf spots you will more than likely have some free time on your hands when visiting. This is perfect for going to visit some other equally amazing destinations of Costa Rica. One of these famous places is known as the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. The Volcano stands 1895 meters tall, with many craters surrounding it. You will more than likely enjoy walking the cool nature trails in the National Park. Another place even closer to Playa Naranjo is known as Santa Rosa National Park. This Park serves as one of the best areas to see Marine life and Wildlife.

Where to Stay Nearby Playa Naranjo

Playa Naranjo Costa Rica serves as a great vacation spot for almost anyone visiting the Rich Coast. Naranjo doesn’t have a huge selection of hotels right near the beach because of the national park but not far away are some great hotels to stay at. For example, Buena Vista Lodge, this is a beautiful rustic eco lodge. If you want to relax, try out the onsite hot springs here. Another hotel to try out is the Four Seasons Resort in Papagayo, this is a new level of luxury in Costa Rica. Definitely, come to here if you want to be pampered. Lastly, Canyon de la Vieja, the lodge is a great addition to any trip, the rustic feel will make you feel truly away from it all. 

Turtle nesting near Playa Naranjo

Although you do see the odd turtle come to the shores of Playa Naranjo if you have come to see the turtles than you will need wall a little bit further over to Playa Nancite, literally a kilometer away. The Olive Ridley Turtle is popular here, and they come in the thousands, up to 75000 in one season can come. It is best to come between the months of July to November or you won’t see them. You will need to go through Santa Rosa Park to obtain the proper permissions to see this amazing site. 

Why Come Here?

Generally speaking, if you want to go to Playa Naranjo you’ve come for the surfing. That is the main attraction here. Although any one can enjoy a beach day. And it really isn’t that hard to learn surfing if you get the proper help. There are a number of surf schools you can look at in the area.  

So when will you be coming to Witches Rock? We can help! 

Playa Naranjo or Witches Rock Costa Rica - Get Info

Playa Naranjo or Witches Rock Costa Rica Map
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Playa Naranjo or Witches Rock Costa Rica

Playa Naranjo or Witches Rock Costa Rica

Playa Naranjo or Witches rock Costa Rica is a surfers paradise and fit for the best surfers around. Check out this amazing spot!

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