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Surfing and Nature Destination!

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Playa Grande Costa Rica – Surfing and Nature Destination!

Located just north of Tamarindo Guanacaste on the other side of the Rio Matapalo is the charming beach community of Playa Grande Costa Rica. Also, part of the Marino Las Baulas National Park. Playa Grande offers a laid back, smaller beach experience. Much different than many other locations in this area. Because of its protected beach status, you won’t find as much active nightlife or a multitude of hotels.

Marino Las Baulas National Park

For longer than anyone can remember giant leatherback turtles have been making their way ashore. Right in the Marino Las Baulas National Park to lay their eggs. These enormous turtles are not only one of the largest marine reptiles. Also, one of the most endangered. Over the years the local and international market for turtle eggs as an aphrodisiac and food source has significantly impacted the numbers. The area was named a National Park in 1990. Since then serious conservation efforts began to change the turtle’s numbers. Much more positive now and reported that the figures are returning to a healthier place. Because of the protected nature of the giant Leatherback turtles, guided night excursions are recommended. It lessens the impact on the area. A small museum is at the main entrance of the park. They offer even more, information about these majestic sea creatures!

Surfing Paradise

There are multiple surf breaks along Playa Grande Costa Rica. That makes it very popular with surfers from all over the world. The breaks are consistent and moderate to high making Playa Grande the perfect spot for surfers of all abilities. Surf schools and local instructors can be found in town or along the beach. All great for you to enhance your skills or maybe learn some new tricks. International surf competitions are regularly held in the area as a testament to the spectacular waves and steady wave conditions. A popular area for surfers is the La Casita right-hand break. It brings people over from Tamarindo. Also, farther south because of its good sized waves and less crowded conditions.

Playa Grande Costa Rica sunsetSo much to do in Playa Grande Costa Rica!

On days when you are looking for something else to do besides enjoying the remarkable surf. There is so much for you to do in the Playa Grande area. Plenty of nature excursions, for example, great kayaking found in the Rio Matapalo estuary that borders the area. You will see tons of monkeys, tropical birds, and other animals. Zip line and hiking tours are readily available from Playa Grande. There are also many longer day trips to colonial Nicaragua. Too, National Parks at Rincon de la Vieja and Rio Celeste, etc. They will be fun for everyone you are traveling with. There is always something for everyone to do in the Playa Grande. A great area of Guanacaste, you’ll spoil yourself with so many beaches to choose from!

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Grande Beach

Grande Beach

Famous amongst surfers and others looking for a more nature-based adventure. Playa Grande has seen growth as more luxury homes and condos erect in the area.

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