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La Fortuna - A Town in the Shadow of the Arenal Volcano

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La Fortuna Costa Rica is Living on the Edge

Arenal Volcano stands over the pleasant green country town of La Fortuna Costa Rica. No doubt making it a prime tourist destination ever since tourism became important to Costa Rica.  For more than forty years residents of La Fortuna have been aware they are living next to volcanic annihilation. Though instead of becoming a ghost town, it’s grown to about five thousand residents. Instead of living in fear, look for it and live from it.  

La Fortuna is considered the adventure capital of Costa Rica. Visitors there will find many adrenaline charged activities.  For example rappelling down waterfalls and narrow canyons in the jungle. Where else can you zip line high in the air over an impressive waterfall as you observe some of Costa Rica’s volcanoes in the distance? Whitewater rafting tour operators in La Fortuna offer every class of whitewater rafting.  From river floats to the thrilling class 4+, La Fortuna offers them all.

Explore La Fortuna De San Carlos

La Fortuna de San Carlos, located in the heart of Costa Rica’s most scenic and rugged terrain. The activities and attractions available here are endless. For example the world famous La Fortuna Waterfall, the Venado caves, and the Tabacón Hot Springs. In an easy drive southwest of charming La Fortuna, you can find the Nicoya peninsula and the Monteverde Cloud Forest.



Just to the northeast of Fortuna, Costa Rica is the observatory of Los Lagos where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Arenal volcano. West of the observatory is the Arenal Volcano National Park, which at over 33,000 acres offers a plethora of activities. At one edge of the park is the beautiful Lake Arenal, which is part of a dormant volcano bed, as well as the sky tram, which offers spectacular views of the beautiful landscape of this very special place.


It is also important to note that there is a world-class botanical garden in La Fortuna as well as, some very picturesque hanging bridges. The dam at Arenal is also a very popular tourist destination. The region around Fortuna is renowned for its fertile soil. This area a prime location for growing papaya, ginger, sugarcane, and pineapples for export- among other things. This is also a key area for dairy and meat farming for domestic use. Tourism is only one of the major income producers in the region. La Fortuna offers an amazing insight into small town Costa Rican life along with the advantages that tourism has brought.

Authentic Travel in La Fortuna Costa Rica

It’s very rewarding and nothing complicated to visit Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna natural hangouts. You know, those special authentic marvelous natural locations locals know about and visit on their off time. These places play a major role in sustainable tourism as authentic contemporary cultural leisure sites for the Costa Ricans and their followers.

Also, La Fortuna Costa Rica locals don’t need to be advertised on what activities and natural destinations around Arenal Volcano are paramount for their enjoyment. They know, they live there.  Follow the locals to their spots, natural locations that do not require reservations or high fees to enter. These are not resorts or hotels near Arenal Volcano. They are authentic local destinations in Costa Rica that might require visitors to walk under a bridge or a gap in a fence to get to them.

The mainstream tour agency and resort has an antithesis. It’s grassroots knowledge passed along the locals of the best Costa Rican natural hangouts. La Fortuna has some very exciting natural hangouts and hidden wonders that will melt your soul.

Top 3 La Fortuna Costa Rica Natural Hang Outs

  • La Fortuna Waterfall
  • El Salto Waterhole
  • Tabacon River Natural Hot Springs

La Fortuna Costa Rica Waterfall: How Costa Rica looks like in the Movies

la fortuna costa ricaThis Waterfall is the metamorphosis of a calm mountain creek. Well known as La Fortuna River, turning into a fierce, plunging, the rock-carving torrent of white water that again stabilizes into shades of green jade depth and light gray sands making this location an ideal La Fortuna natural hang out.

In fact, there is more than one way of admiring this Waterfall. Visitors either horseback, drive, or walk up the river canyon and then enter the jungle on foot. You walk down a marked path with steps leading to the waterfall.  Visitors can also contemplate La Fortuna Waterfall from an elevated distance to include a panoramic background in their pictures. The third way of admiring La Fortuna Waterfall is by zip lining over it, a truly breathtaking experience.

El Salto Waterhole and Rope Swing

El Salto Waterhole uses the same La Fortuna River. Just a little further downstream from the waterfall, to cushion swinging valiant leaps from a rope swing tied to a Sabana Oak on the river bank. This natural hangout is a favorite among the young at heart testing their bravery as they fly through the air in many motions from a rope swing to finally sink in El Salto’s deep waterhole in the jungle.  El Salto rope swing is next to a road, besides a bridge that serves as a shelter when it rains, and walking distance from La Fortuna, about a mile.

Tabacon River Natural Hot Springs

la fortuna costa ricaLocal Costa Ricans and anybody smart enough to follow them there, find complete relaxation and mystical beauty nestled away in the currents of natural hot springs adorned by jungles that are alive with toucans, dart frogs, crested guans, basilisks and hummingbirds enjoying the steamy nectar from Earth’s most impressive volcanic garden. The best time frame for these three activities is after lunch, on a full stomach, and in the given order.

Firstly, El Salto Waterhole and Tabacon River natural hot springs are completely in the wild; in fact, you won’t find any lockers or fancy sidewalks. Just the best excitement and relaxation mother nature can provide. With the right timing, travelers can fit in a morning adventure activity like rappelling or whitewater rafting Balsa River.  It’s also important not to be more than 30 minutes at a time in the warm waters of any natural hot springs. Luckily, Tabacon River has a small cool stream next to it so visitors can cool off. 

Also, come explore the amazing cities in this region. 

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La Fortuna

La Fortuna

It's very rewarding and nothing complicated to visit Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna natural hang outs, you know, those special authentic marvelous natural locations locals k...

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