Lake Arenal

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The Largest Lake

The water depth of Lake Arenal is between 100 and 200 feet in most areas, and the temperature does not vary more than 4 degrees year round. The dam that was built in 1979, now produces over 70% of Costa Rica’s electricity. The lake is around many hills, and there is a magnificent view of the famous Arenal Volcano to the east from nearly every vantage point. The towns of “old” Arenal and Tronadora were submerged during the lake expansion.

Unforgettable Fishing at Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is famous for many things, but primarily for its sportfishing. The fish are called “guapote” and are members of the cichlid family. The Rainbow Bass at this lake can range up to sixteen pounds. They have sharp teeth and a feisty nature, making them a challenge to catch. Because of their delicious white flaky meat, they are in high demand. The other primary fish in the lake is the Machaca an acrobatic fish that can reach between nine and fifteen pounds at this location. The lake is also a Mecca for birders with an abundance of woodpeckers and hummingbirds in the area.

Year Round Fun and Activities

The other primary attraction of Lake Arenal is the presence of high winds nearly year round which makes this area a world class wind surfing and kite surfing destination. Between November and April, high winds are nearly a guarantee and windsurfers flock to the area to enjoy this beautiful location. Temperatures range from 64 degrees to 78 degrees making full wetsuits unnecessary most of the time. Some equipment rental places exist at the main launching areas.

Hiking trails and many Lake Arenal tours are available in the Lake Arenal area. Because of its outstanding resources and natural beauty, it has become a major location for retirees. Real estate has increased dramatically in value. Although there is still the great deal to be found. You have fun at this amazing landmark.

Lake Arenal - Get Info

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Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is possibly the coolest lake in all Costa Rica. It has great views and so many activities to occupy you on vacation.

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