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A beautiful Biological Reserve

Isla de Caño or Cano Island. Set roughly 16 kilometers or 10 miles west of Punta Llorona coast from the Osa Peninsula, (Península de Osa). This Beautiful island is a biological reserve since 1978. A permanent ranger station is located on the island. It oversees the natural habitats of both land and marine life. 

The Spheres on Cano Island

We are not kidding when we say there are perfectly round stone spheres all over the island. It is an amazing site to see. Evidence of early civilizations on the island gives, even more, a mystery to the hand carved stones. During the pre-Columbian time, the island was a native cemetery. Artifacts such as carvings, pottery as well as the stone spheres are found there. 

Popular Activities

There are many things to do within and around Cano Island itself but by far the best is Scuba diving. The crystal clear waters make it one of the best places for this thrilling adventure. Right from the start when you throw your mask on you will enjoy every bit of the tour. Also, try out other things to do. For example, snorkeling, and Boating. Or take a land tour of the island and walk on the many trails looking for birds and wildlife. The beaches are beautifully kept clean for a safe nesting ground of the olive ridley turtle and leather backs.  

Coral Reefs and Wildlife

Cano Island is surrounded by coral reef and is a hotspot to see marine life. For example, you will see under the water, Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, and several different types of sharks. The reefs where the action is at. Fish like puffers, whole schools of tangs and so many other types with colors we haven’t seen on the spectrum before.  The amount of life is amazing it gives hope that planet earth still has a chance.

Where to Stay?

Within the island, you will not find any hotels but only a few camp sights if you are feeling adventurous. Also, nearby on the coast of the Osa Peninsula is Drake Bay. That is by far the best place to stay. You can stay at the Copa De Arbor, a beautiful little retreat. The Hotel Rancho Corcovado nestled close by Corcovado National Park or even La Paloma Lodge

All in all, from the cool tour you can take, the expansiveness of Flora and Fauna, or the historic presence. You will have a blast exploring each and every crevice of this island and other islands.

Cano Island - Get Info

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Cano Island

Cano Island

This little island is a biological marvel full of marine life and wildlife. Check out this secluded place and find so much flora and fauna.

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