Mirador de Quetzales

Located in Cerro de la Muerte

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Proudly family owned

The Mirador de Quetzales hotel is located in the Talamanca mountain range specifically in Cerro de la Muerte. This is a colder part of the country, being up in the mountains. Mirador is a natural facility and focuses on being stable with the environment. They have been around for over 25 years now giving great services to its guests. The property of Mirador has been family owned since 1948.

Mirador de Quetzales strives to meet every expectation of their guests. They go beyond normal efforts to prove what a great place to stay this is. You will have an unforgettable experience here not only because of the beautiful scenery but certainly, because the staff helped made you feel at home.

Visiting the area of Mirador de Quetzales

You will love this area of the country, it may be a bit chillier than the Caribbean or Pacific Coast but is certainly one of the best parts about visiting Costa Rica. Just because Cerro de la Muerte means mountain of death doesn’t mean it’s dangerous at all. You will find an extraordinary amount of life here, mostly being bird species. One of the most famous of those birds is the resplendent Quetzal. The Quetzal is a colorful bird known for its long tail feathers; it is part of the trogon family. They are also a larger bird reaching up to 30 cm or almost 1 foot long.

While you are looking for this famed bird, you will also be able to look at the scenery around you. To say it is anything less than stunning would be a lie. Waking up just before the sun as the birds have reached their full height of singing in the morning. Then you will see amazing sunrises letting you capture some great photographs.

Birds you see here!

Although the Quetzal is the most famous, you will also see some other species here. This includes the Colibri Humming bird, Bare Shanked Owl, Unspotted Saw Qhet Owl, Ruddy Pigeon, Brand Talled Pigeon, Bat Falcon, Swainson Hawk, Broad Winged Hawk and  Sharp Skinned Hawk. Also the Swallow Tailed Kite, Black Vulture, Spotted Wood Quail, and Black Guan.


Because Mirador is a colder place than the beach you will want to bring some comfortable clothes. Don’t show up in your bathing suit and flip flops as that will be a mistake. Rather it is best to bring long pants some hiking shoes, and possibly a jacket or sweaters for at night time. Also, because this is a birding retreat you might want to bring a good camera and your binoculars.

Why come here?

If you are coming here than you will more than likely love birds and love nature. This is the best place for both, you can get away from the stresses of life and focus more on the natural part of things.

All in all, you will simply enjoy getting away, and we can help you do that!


All rooms include meals and Quetzal Tour.

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