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Close to Braulio Carrillo Park

The Tapirus Lodge is Located in the Northern Zone of Costa Rica. At this lodge, you will be thrilled with the amount of nature and wildlife surrounding you. Being one of the only lodges in the area this close to the national park is a real treat. You will enjoy small day trips to the Braulio Carrillo National Park. It may not be the most luxurious place in the world but will certainly be the most natural and that isn’t even the start of things to enjoy here.

The Tapirs

One of the signature reasons to visit Tapirus Lodge is, of Course, the Tapirs. Tapirs are what make this lodge so special. Eco Tourists and Nature lovers alike will enjoy their stay that much more because of these lovable animals. The Baird’s Tapir when a newborn has these unique stripes and spots all over its body helping it to camouflage in the spotted sunlight of the rainforests. It isn’t an uncommon sight to see Tapirs walking through the forest floor looking for food. All the while you can sit back in your easy chair and just relax.

Things to do at the Lodge

Besides relaxing and lounging around watching tapirs all day you can also take a visit to Braulio Carrillo National Park. The 108 000 acres of rolling hills and mountainous scenery will provide you with so much to do. From hiking to Birding and exploring the natural scenery you won’t be disappointed. Another cool activity you may want to try is a coffee tour. We provide several different tours and really there is nothing like tasting fresh Costa Rican Coffee. The Lodge is also adjacent to the Rainforest Adventures eco-adventure park. The Park is full of even more amazing things to do. They cater to birding tours Yoga trips and healing seminars. You may also like the tram tour.

Tapirus Lodge Accommodations

The Tapirus lodge as said before isn’t the most luxurious of them all but you will feel right at home in the cute and comfortable bungalows provided. Each comes with its own rainforest views and private balcony. Your room is equipped with a bath and shower, fan, towels and all extra amenities. You will enjoy the buffet style restaurant when it comes to meal time and the delicious food served.

Leave here with a smile and happy heart. Enjoy your stay at Tapirus Lodge.

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On-Site Facilities

Restaurant Platform Rio Perdido

The Restaurant

Butterfly Garden Rio Perdido

Butterfly Garden

Room Types

Tapirus Superior Room

Superior Room

Tapirus Lodge Deluxe Room with Twin Beds

Deluxe Room

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