Biesanz Beach

Manuel Antonio's Secret Hide-Out

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Biesanz Beach

Playa Biesanz in Costa Rica’s Centric Wilderness

What makes Playa Biesanz in Costa Rica so special? It’s a beautiful unknown quiet corner between Quepos and Manuel Antonio National Park. Biesanz Beach a secret, solitary location covered by dense green wilderness. It’s alive with monkeys, sloths, lizards, snakes and ocean bird formations flying overhead.

Expect Wildlife at Playa Biesanz Costa Rica

Biesanz Beach is at the end of a jungle trail that starts by the side ofPlaya Biesanz Costa Rica the road. It goes through a small opening in a fence and goes down a steep hill with loose pebbles.

Signs on the way to the beach are scarce as if those who are fortunate to know where Biesanz Beach doesn’t want others to find out. The 10-minute walking the trail down the hill is slippery so be careful; many naturalists tend to walk with their sights up in the trees and not down on the ground.

The trail down to Biesanz Beach is a great place to test your senses while spotting wildlife; the trail has a few clearings between hillsides that allow for high fidelity noise dispersion and great visibility for animals to make their appearance.


Among the favorites to appear along the trail include the Central American Squirrel Monkey. An endangered species whose jungles have been clear cut, with the small exception of Manuel Antonio National Park and its peripheral areas.

The C.A. Squirrel Monkeys are cute tiny fuzzy bundles of wonder that display quick balancing acts along thin branches and cables, with single file nimble leaps included, in pursuit of food and shelter.

Playa Biesanz MonkeyThe tiny fuzzy quick squirrel monkeys travel in large packs of around 20 to 75 members. Their short, squeaky kissing sounds usually give them away up in the trees, where larger territorial white-faced capuchin monkeys (Cebus capucinus a.k.a. Marcel from Friends) that also travel in large packs tend to give them chase in competition for the area with the fruit.

When the chase between species occur, it’s impossible not to know where the monkeys are and an interesting display of loud behavior between the packs of monkeys unfolds.


On a decibel chart, the mantled howler monkeys that hang around the jungles of Playa Biesanz win first place. The howler monkeys usually stay up high and unseen in the canopy; their loud howls give away their location, but the other monkey species do not mess with them. These black monkeys are less social towards humans than the squirrel monkeys and capuchin monkeys. Capuchin monkeys approach, touch, confront and even steal from their fellow two-legged primates.

Clearings in the jungle along the Playa Biesanz trail are a good place to look for three-toed sloths. They latched from skinny branched big leaf Cecropia trees.

The tropical almond trees (Terminalia catappa) on the beach attract slow mossy two-toed sloths. On a good day at Biesanz, you’ll spot both of them. Get your feet wet on the end of the trail and walk along the soft sands of Biesanz Beach. Mid tide is the best time be at the beach. Biesanz Beach had calm waters and considered a good place for snorkeling and ocean kayaks.

Travel Tips to Biesanz Beach

The best time for animals at Biesanz Beach is in the morning or around 4:01 pm., There are no shelters or stores at Biesanz Beach if it rains, you and anything else you bring will get wet. Comfort level zero so comes prepared for afternoon showers if you travel during green season months.

The best way to get to this beach is to be dropped off and picked up from your Manuel Antonio hotel. If you drive there, your vehicle will remain parked and unattended along a desolate road. During the high tourist season in the Central Pacific, the beaches can be overwhelmingly crowded, and the roads turn into real danger zones. Also, consider bringing snorkeling gear and hiking shoes for the short trail; it is a jungle out there.

Costa Rica beaches are the backbone of this fabulous country.

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Biesanz Beach

Biesanz Beach

Playa Biesanz in Costa Rica’s Centric Wilderness What makes Playa Biesanz in Costa Rica so special? It’s a beautiful unknown quiet corner between Quepos and Man...

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