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Barra Honda National Park – Amazing limestone caves and caverns

Barra Honda National Park, located in Nicoya Peninsula Costa Rica. It is home to amazing limestone caves and caverns, as well as world-class stalagmites and stalactites. These limestone monuments date back over 70 million years. Only recently discovered. Presently Barra Honda, possess forty-two caverns in the National Park. And much more to discover. Skeletons, ornaments and other artifacts have were found in the caves dating back to 300 B.C.

Barra Honda National Park CavesBreathtaking stalagmites and stalactites

The deepest of the discovered caves of Barra Honda National Park, Santa Ana also thought to be nearly 800 feet deep. One of the primary features of this cave is the amazing Hall of Pearls. There it features a display of stalagmites and stalactites that are truly breathtaking. Another cavern of interest in Barra Honda National Park the Terciopelo named for an enormous snake found dead at the bottom during the first exploration. There’s a cave access with a thrilling 100-foot steep descent to a sloping plane.

Large formations resembling lion’s heads

Also, a column in the cave called the Organ produces musical chimes and causes large numbers of bats to scurry away into the dark. Other caves of interest, the large Mushroom Hall named for its calcareous formations. Also the Hall of Caverns with its large structures resembling lion’s heads. The caves at Barra Honda National Park are not readily available. Except, with proper equipment and permission must be received from the National Parks offices. And only done during the dry season.

Beautiful trails and amazing caves to discover

The extensive trails above the caves are often muddy and require four-wheel drive to reach at some times. The hilly forest terrain surrounding the caves is a refuge for many rare species. For example, howler monkeys, scarlet Macaws, anteaters and many others. The unique geography of the caverns has also lent themselves to the development of adaptive species, such as the blind salamander. Barra Honda National Park is not the most accessible of the National Parks of Costa Rica, but has beautiful trails and amazing case to discover- an out of the way gem to explore!

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Barra Honda

Barra Honda

The Barra Honda National Park is located in the Nicoya Peninsula. There are many different caves to explore and amazing stalagmites and stalactites to see. There are limest...

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