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Puerto Caldera

The attraction of Caldera

Puerto Caldera is a fantastic part Costa Rica’s towns. It is located in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. The old port used to be located in Puntarenas, it recently moved to the new location of Calderas. This is the main port of the Pacific side of Costa Rica, it is where most goods come and go. Also, you will see many cruise ships docking at this port because of its close distance to San Jose the nation’s capital and many other top destinations in Costa Rica. 

Though there are many great places to visit in Costa Rica, not many put Caldera on that list. Perhaps because it is mainly a port town but there are certainly some great things to do and see here. As any traditional Costa Rican city on the Pacific, Puerto Caldera has clean beaches, swaying palms, and gorgeous weather. Another great aspect of Caldera is it’s a touristy town because so many cruises dock here during the year. Locals have set up shops, Bars, and restaurants of all kinds to give you the ultimate Costa Rican experience when you arrive. 

The Surf

Costa Rica has many great surfing destinations and here is yet another popular one. During low tide, you will love the surf, the waves have just the right consistency and not too hard to surf that most anyone can learn here.  There are also some decent surf camps near by if you want to learn how to surf. A lot of these surf camp offers a hostel to stay at if you are traveling on a budget. The best time to come for surfing is during the week, as the weekend tends to be crowded with people. 

Playa CalderaThing to do in and around Puerto Caldera

Besides some awesome cruises that you can take to Puerto Caldera. There are also some really fun and interesting activities around the area. If you like deserted islands than you will love Tortuga Island. This little island is located just off of the Nicoya Peninsula. You can take 1-day luxury excursions to this island, while there, explore some of the trails and see cool wildlife. 

Another, activity in the area would be to visit Carara National Park, this park is very close by to Caldera under 30 minutes drive away. The park is famous for crocodiles and the Crocodile bridge. Birding is also a popular activity in the park because of the variety of Bird species.

An activity gaining lots of popularity lately is sports fishing. The main spot to go here is Los Sueños Marina, with hundreds of ships and captains to choose from. You will have a thrill catching many different fish, including Billfish, Yellow fin Tuna, and Dorado. 

Where to Stay?

Although the small town of Caldera doesn’t have a large variety of places to stay if you look just outside the town you will find a large selection. One of our favorite places here is at Los Sueños Marriot, they have a huge selection of rooms and villas to choose from. You will also like the rental properties that are perfect for larger groups. Another great place is the Oceano Hotel, they have 64 rooms, suites, and penthouses on offer, you are sure to enjoy your stay here.

Why come to Caldera?

Puerto Caldera is a very convenient place to travel, not only because of its vicinity to other cities and destinations but because it is a port. Once you are done exploring you can hop onto your cruise ship and travel to many other places. Also, Caldera offers you so much as a tourist, they are equipped to help any kind of traveler. 

Puerto Caldera may not be the first on your list of travel destinations but it is more than worth a visit. Let us help plan your vacation!

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Puerto Caldera

Puerto Caldera

The attraction of Caldera Puerto Caldera is a fantastic part Costa Rica’s towns. It is located in the Puntarenas province of Costa Rica. The old port used to be locat...

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