Pavones Beach

Second Longest Left Wave in the World!

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Pavones Beach – Top surf destination!

Pavones Costa Rica beach is located in Golfo Dulce of the Southern Pacific. A unique location as it is one of the only tropical canyons of the world. It is also a great spot to be if you like to get back in touch with nature and away from the busy cities. The lodgings in Pavones Beach used to be a little bit basic. However lately some nicer hotels have emerged and you can now pamper yourself in a plusher accommodation. Enjoy the wild and adventurous life in peace and harmony.

There is a lot to do in Pavones Costa Rica

The best surf beach in Costa Rica as well as all of Central and South America. There is a lot more to do in this mesmerizing region than surf, as you will soon find out! There are Canopy Tours, or kite surfing, a nice alternative. People like to go horseback riding on the magnificent beach too. There is a lot of hiking to do as well as bird and animal watching. And of course swimming and sunbathing, once you have tried everything else! If you like to explore the region a bit further, there are some very interesting beach at the north of Pavones Costa Rica Beach. Far away from the crowd and noisy surfers.

One of the most biological intense areas of the planet!Pavones Costa Rica

In Pavones Costa Rica Beach, there is deep water going 185 meters down; humpback whales are frequently seen as they are on their annual migrating voyage. Across the golf are the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado that are known to hold one of the most amazing and unique concentrations of flora and fauna of the world. It is not without any reason that its prime forest has been declared to be one of the most biological intensive areas of the planet! The peninsula of Osa was once upon a time an island thus species there evolved separately.

Many cultures gathered in such a small place

The local people of Pavones Beach are very international and diverse, They come from US and Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and more, giving the place an interesting and feel to it with so many cultures gathered in such a small place, isolated from the rest of the country.  From Yoga teachers to biologists, researchers, naturalists, retired people and avid surfers, it seems to have attracted everyone! The little town has now all the necessary amenities with a good array of shops, restaurants, schools, clinics and excellent hotels, such as Tiskita Jungle Lodge.

These beaches give a new meaning to beauty in Costa Rica.

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Pavones Beach

Pavones Beach

Whether you are a surfer or not, you will love this little lost paradise lodged in one of the wonders of the world.

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