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Second Longest Left Wave in the World!

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Visiting Pavones 

Pavones Costa Rica is one of them famous surfing destinations in Costa Rica and Central America. It is located in Golfo Dulce of the Southern Pacific, and it’s not an ordinary surfing town. In Pavones you will find some of the longest waves in the world. In fact, Red Bull recorded Robby Naish surfing a wave for over 2 minutes and 15 seconds, traveling more than 1 kilometer. Although many consider Pavones to have two different waves, an inner and outer wave, it is recommended for experienced surfers only. 

Pavones is not the easiest destination in Costa Rica to get to, but well worth your efforts. In addition to world-class surfing, you’ll find incredibly biodiversity, exciting adventure tours and a unique culture of ex-pats and locals who are determined to keep Pavones a quiet, eco-friendly surfing destination. 



Pavones Costa Rica surf

Johnny, from PavonesCR

Surfing is, by far, the most popular activity in Pavones. The record-long breaks and inner / outer waves make it a surfer’s paradise. While the inner wave tends to be calmer, Pavones is still mainly recommended for more experienced or advanced surfers. If you surf on Pavones Beach, you’ll surf on one of the  best surfing beaches in the world! 

Golfito Wildlife Refuge

White Faced MonkeyIf you want a challenging hike among lush Costa Rica flora and fauna, howler monkeys and white faced capuchin monkeys, sloths and several tropical bird species, visit the Golfito Wildlife Refuge! It’s only about 60 km from Pavones and spans 28 square kilometers. The refuge was created to protect the valuable biodiversity as well as the water and is a great place for eco-tourists. Hikes are steep, challenging and take about two hours. 

Adventure Tours

Pavones Costa Rica sunsetIf you aren’t an experienced surfer but you still want to enjoy the unique and peaceful beach culture of Pavones, you can! There are other popular activities available including sport fishing, canopy tours and horseback riding. You might also spot humpback whales in the deep water off the coast.


Beware of rocks while surfing:  

If you are surfing, know that the breaks are very close to shore and the ocean bottom is quite rocky. 

Visit April-November: 

The rainy season is actually the best time to visit Pavones for the best waves. However it can be tricky to arrive. Plan on driving on muddy roads, over potholes and through shallow rivers.  

Getting There

Closest International Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

sansa airline airportGetting to Pavones can be a bit tricky. The best way to get to Pavones is by going through Golfito. You can drive or take a domestic flight. If you are driving be ready for rough roads and driving through rivers. Note that most car rental companies in Costa Rica do NOT include water damage in the insurance policy. Keep that in mind if you’re renting a car in Costa Rica. 

Where to Stay

Tiskita Jungle Lodge Two Bed BedroomMany of the hotels in Pavones are quite basic, but have been growing in the last couple years. For a remote hotel immersed in nature, stay at the Tiskita Jungle Lodge.  Other options include the Surf House Pavones, Caza Olas Hotel & Hostel and Cabinas Mifran. 


Costa Rica CasadoPavones is rather small but you can still find a variety of restaurants to enjoy. For Italian and vegetarian/vegan-friendly food, try La Bruschetta. If you’re looking for a cup of coffee and dessert, stop by Cafe de la Suerte. If you’re craving a traditional Costa Rica casado, eat at Ebenezer. If you want fresh seafood with an ice-cold Imperial, try La Casona de Perron! 

Pavones Beach - Get Info

Pavones Beach Map

About 6 hours from San Jose, close to the Panama border, Pavones is an amazing surfing destination that is worth the jouney!

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