Bosque del Tolomuco

Forest of the Tayra and Birdwatching Haven in Costa Rica's Southern Zone!

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Bosque del Tolomuco

Bosque del Tolomuco is located in Costa Rica’s Southern Zone in the Talamanca Mountains. As it is surrounded by striking gardens, birds will find this a natural habitat. Therefore, it is ideal for bird enthusiasts. The Lodge’s location also enables you to visit Dominical and the Ballena National Park in a short drive. Other attractions close by are Cerro Chirripo, Las Quebradas Biological Reserve, and Los Cusingos Bird Sanctuary.

What is a Tolomuco?

Bosque translates to Forest, so what does Tolomuco mean? A Tolomuco is a brown to black fox-sized mammal. It has a long and bushy tail with a light grayish head which is in contrast to the dark brown body. Tolomuco is the common name in Costa Rica. However, it is also known as a Tayra and is a member of the weasel family found in Canada and the Northern United States. It inhabits dry forests of Guanacaste, as well as wet lowland forests of the Caribbean and Southern Pacific slopes, and higher altitudes in Costa Rica.

Birding in the Southern Zone

Bosque del Tolomuco offers various well-maintained trails allowing you to go for an easy hike and enjoy the different bird species. From Black Guans, Silver-throated Tanagers, and Blue-crowned Motmots, to Slate-throated Redstarts and even Red-fronted Parrolets, the grounds offer a lot of Birding opportunities. This region also provides you with possibilities to spot the Fiery-Billed Aracari, the Ornate Hawk-Eagle, and even the elusive Resplendent Quetzal to top off your perfect Birding Vacation to Costa Rica.

Enjoy Nature Around Bosque del Tolomuco

This peaceful retreat lets you reconnect with ease! The nature around the Hotel is truly breathtaking as it is situated in the heart of the Talamanca Mountains which hold lush diverse forests. Gardens surrounding the property invite a great variety of wildlife. Whether you spend a few days or a week here, take advantage of the close-by hiking trails, and tours Bosque del Tolomuco has to offer.

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Room Types

Trogon Cabin

Attached to the main house and soundproof with a separate entrance, Trogon Cabin is equipped with a double bed and a single bed. Furthermore, the cabin provides lovely views of the surrounding garden. 

Parakeet Cabin

Equipped with a private patio and garden overlooking Cerro Chirripo, the Parakeet Cabin has a dining area, a kitchen, and a sleeping area. You will also find a stove, a coffeemaker, and a fridge. The cabin also offers a queen-sized bed.

Hummingbird Cabin

This comfy, small cabin located below the main property offers extreme privacy. It is equipped with two separate bedrooms offering double beds and a shared bathroom.

Mot Mot Cabin

Attached to the Parakeet Cabin, you will find the Mot Mot cabin with a private bathroom, a double bed, a single bed, a patio, and striking views of the gardens and Cerro Chirripo.

Toucanet Cabin

This smaller, not less nice cabin is equipped with a double bed, a private shower, an outside sitting area with beautiful views of Cerro Chirripo. Find yourself in the gardens around. Furthermore, this cabin is ideal for a single person and for two people alike.

Bosque del Tolomuco Location

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