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The Miravalles Volcano’s only historic eruption was a minor steam explosion in 1946. In fact, Costa Rica’s biggest geothermal field are located in the surrounding area of Miravalles volcano.

Miravalles Volcano – A sleeping Giant

Miravalles has been sleeping for centuries, except for a small steam explosion in 1946. If you have an appropriate car, this trip is well worth it! The road passes through the beautiful scenic countryside with also offers a spectacular view of Lake Nicaragua. There is also a National Cloud Forest Reserve in this area, bursting with natural wonders and diversity. 

Located in the Province of Guanacaste

The stunning Miravalles Volcano, located in the Guanacaste mountain range only 21miles southeast of Liberia. The Guanacaste province has tropical yet dry climate and amazing white sand beaches. This beautiful volcano also stands 1969ft (600m) above sea level raising a total height of 6654ft (2028m) and the total area of 28,840 acres. The National Park makes up around 10,850 hectares of land encompassing the volcano. The Miravalles Volcano is an andesitic stratovolcano in Costa Rica. Successive dramatic eruptions created the crater approximately .6-1.5 million years ago. 

Home to Natural and Archeological Treasures

In addition to the edifice of the Miravalles Volcano, this protected zone includes well-conserved moist forests, and cloud forests covering its lower slopes. The Miravalles is classified as a complex stratovolcano 2,028 m high with six eruption points at its peak. On its western and southwestern flanks, there are lava flows. To the southwest is Las Hornillas, an area of incredible hydrothermal activity. This area is accessible by the path from Bagaces. This area is also home to some of the oldest Pre-Hispanic remains in the country. There are two paths that lead to the top of the volcano. In conclusion, you are sure to learn much about the historic presence of Miravalles Volcano. It might not be the most well-known volcano in Costa Rica but is definitely worth a visit!

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Miravalles Volcano

Miravalles Volcano

The Miravalles Volcano is an andesitic stratovolcano in Costa Rica. The caldera was formed during several major explosive eruptions between about 1.5 and 0.6 million years ...

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