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The Tenorio Volcano and Rio Celeste

The elusive Puma, as well as various species of monkeys and other mammals, and myriads of birds, insects and spectacular flora inhabit the forest of Tenorio Volcano. The Rio Celeste, meaning Blue River, is what brings people to the area for its brilliant sky blue color thanks to a reaction caused by the sulfur of the volcano and the precipitations of calcium carbonate. Tenorio might not be as famous as other volcanoes in Costa Rica but its surroundings are absolutely stunning.This is a must see in Costa Rica!

What to See and Do at Tenorio Volcano

This area is perfect for hiking. The ranger station at the Tenorio Volcano National Park opens from 8 am to 4 pm. Included, drinking water, first aid facilities, and restrooms, but camping’s not allowed inside the park. Only if you reach the top of the volcano you will find areas to spend the night. Lots of short trails in the park lead to a picnic and swimming area. From the summit, the views are stunning, on clear days you see Lake Nicaragua. The unsurpassed hiking receives fewer visitors, making it very tranquil. This region the Last Untouched Paradise of Costa Rica.”

Four Distinct Life Zones in Tenorio

This Park has four distinct habitat zones. Tenorio is close to Arenal Volcano National Park. Also, this area has an incredible ecological diversity. The park is home to Bromeliads, palms, helicons, orchids and various species of trees, and many other animal species. Including pumas, agoutis, peccaries, howler monkeys, white-faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tapirs, and many species of birds. Too, the Tenorio Volcano National Park acts as a natural boundary for the trade winds coming from the northwest, giving it unique beauty.

Tenorio Volcano is a Must See

The many waterfalls of this park are simply awesome! The sky blue Rio Celeste, the transition forest. Also, the proximity of Arenal Volcano and lake make this a great place to visit, try the Tour of Tenorio Volcano National Park. There are other tours in the area including. Tour of the Miravalles Volcano, Tour of Volcano Arenal, and Tour of Rio Celeste. This is well worth the trip, as you are on your way to Arenal. Some necessary accommodations can be found at the nearby village of Bijagua, though nothing too fancy. Some locals also offer Horseback Riding Tours. A great example of Costa Rica volcanoes. 

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Tenorio Volcano

Tenorio Volcano

The whole area of Tenorio Volcano is composed of magnificent waterfalls and lagoons, small geysers and hot springs. Over the hills are magical cloud forests while the rain ...

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Tenorio Lodge

Tenorio Lodge

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River Rafting on Rio Tenorio with Desafio

River Rafting on Rio Tenorio with Desafio

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