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Costa Rica Hot Springs

The various active volcanoes in Costa Rica provide the Central American country with many different natural hot springs that have become incredible vacation destinations for tourists and ticos alike. The naturally warm water in thermal hot springs is full of minerals that help you feel relaxed and refreshed!

What are hot springs? 

Hot springs are bodies of water near volcanos that come from geothermally heated groundwater from earth’s crust. Volcanic activity keeps the water warm, making hot springs pools.

Natural hot springs far enough away from volcanos are full of minerals and maintain a warm temperature that’s ideal for relaxing in. The closer the spring is to the volcano, the warmer it will be.

What are hot springs in Costa Rica like? 

You can find hot springs pool in several different places in Costa Rica, but most of the most popular volcanic hot springs are found around Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna. Costa Rica has taken advantage of the luxurious thermal pools provided by the Arenal Volcano and built beautiful resorts, spas and trails around the pools.

The effect is magical and romantic. After a morning of hiking, relax in the warm waters while you’re surrounded by tropical flora and fauna. Then visit the full-service spa for added relaxation before you take a peaceful walk through the rainforest back to your hotel room. Most of the resorts and hotels also offer day passes to tourists and nationals so you can make more of a day trip out of it, rather than spending the night. Some day passes include meals and discounts for kids.

Although the natural hot springs around La Fortuna are some of the most well-known, there are hot springs in other parts of Costa Rica as well. Find hot springs near Rincon de La Vieja (Rio Negro), Miravalles Volcano (Rio Perdido Thermal River), and even near Monteverde! The Arenal hot springs are incredible, but their natural beauty comes with a price: crowds and high prices! Some of the other hot springs in Costa Rica are worth looking into if you’re looking to avoid giant crowds of tourists and locals and more affordable prices.

Best Costa Rica Hot Springs

Kalambu Hot Springs

Kalambu Hot SpringKalambu is a reasonably priced option that provides a full day experience, just five minutes from La Fortuna and close to all of the area hotels and other attractions. Kalambu is unique because of all the exciting attractions it offers. In addition to the thermal pools, you’ll enjoy a swim-up bar, restaurants, various pools and play areas for the kids and water slides! It is a great place to spend a day with your family.
General Tickets: $20
General Tickets + Lunch or Dinner: $30

Baldi Hot Springs

Baldi Hot SpringsBaldi Hot Springs and Spa boasts the world’s largest hot springs and it is one of the most popular thermal spring attraction in Costa Rica. In the middle of the rainforest you’ll find 25 thermal water pools each filled with crystal clear, steaming water. The Baldi Hot Springs and Spa resort is also famous for its multiple bars and restaurants, massive jacuzzi (for up to 60 people), the largest sauna in Costa Rica and water slides. If you are looking to combine relaxation and adventure on your Costa Rica vacation, the Baldi Hot Springs resort is the place for you!
Day Pass
Entrance: $36 for Adults, $18 for Children
Entrance + Lunch or Dinner: $58 for Adults, $29 for Children
Entrance + Lunch + Dinner: $80 for Adults, $40 for Children


Tabacon Hot Springs

Tabacon Resort & Spa Little WaterfallsLocated in the Tabacon Resort & Spa Little Waterfalls shadow of the impressive Arenal Volcano, the Tabacon Hot Springs are a landmark destination in Costa Rica! It has the largest network of thermal springs in Costa Rica and sits right beneath the Arenal Volcano. The Tabacon hot springs are also right next the Arenal Volcano National Park, meaning you’ll truly be relaxing in the middle of the rainforest! The mineral-enriched water forms the Tabacon River, which flows the resort in beautiful waterfalls and pools ranging from cold to hot.
You’ll also enjoy five swimming pools, swim-up bar and thermal water slide.
Day Pass
Entrance + Lunch or Dinner: $85 for Adults, $38 for Children
(Peak Season: $94 for Adults, $42 for Children)
Entrance + Lunch + Dinner: $105 for Adults, $40 for Children
(Peak Season: $115 for Adults, $50 for Children)
Morning Pass:
Entrance + Lunch: $70 for Adults, $28 for Children
Peak Season: $77 for Adults, $32 for Children)
Night Pass
Entrance + Dinner: $70 for Adults, $28 for Children
(Peak Season: $77 for Adults, $32 for Children)
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