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The Importance of the Costa Rica Soccer

Soccer is the most popular sport in Costa Rica, almost a religion. Some say soccer became so popular in Costa Rica culture because one ball can be shared among many. Moreover, the game can be played almost everywhere. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a town in Costa Rica that doesn’t have at least one soccer field. Costa Rica soccer is paramount in this country. Usually, a soccer field is located next to the other vital institutions of the village, such as the church and grocery stores.

Generally speaking, men tend to be more passionate about the game than women, but there are plenty of female fans and teams as well. Anytime one of the Costa Rican teams are playing, you can be sure all of the neighborhood bars will be full of people watching “fútbol” with their friends. Soccer is an important part of the Costa Rican traditions. It is not just a sport, but a part of the Tico pride and identity.

Costa Rica Culture: Popular Teams

Costa Rica’s professional league is called Primera División which was founded in 1921. The league is composed of 12 teams, with Saprissa (33 titles), Alajuelense (29 titles) and Herediano (26 titles) being the most successful. As goes with any sports team that has a dedicated fan base, the rivalry between teams can be fierce. These 12 teams compete year-round in two seasons: a summer season from February to June, and a winter season from July to December. Additionally, as part of the Costa Rica culture, we have a great national team. This team has qualified for several World Cups in 1990, 2002, 2006 and 2014.

National Costa Rica Soccer Team – La Sele

The National Costa Rica Soccer Team, beloved and supported by their fans and country. The team, referred to by their nickname, La Sele, coming from the Spanish word ‘selección.’ La Sele has a rich history. The first time they qualified for the World Cup was in 1989, and during the Italy World Cup in 1990 the team was able to make it into the last 16 teams. The Costa Rica soccer team entered the World Cup 2002 and made it to the 19th spot. Again in 2006, La Sele qualified and played in the World Cup but sadly finished 31 out of 32 teams. 2014 brought another year that the team qualified for the FIFA World Cup, during the qualifying round they finished second place in CONCACAF, making history for the soccer team and Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Soccer

FIFA World Cup 2014

On June 14, 2014, Costa Rica landed in Group D, need to face off against football giants of Italy, Uruguay, and England. The first game was Uruguay vs. Costa Rica. This epic game had everyone jumping from his or her seats cheering Costa Rica, the game ended with Uruguay 1 – 3 Costa Rica. Then on June 20 Costa Rica faced off against Italy, and Costa Rica made history when it won with Italy 0 – 1 Costa Rica.  The next game against England on June 24 and ended with a draw, 0-0. Costa Rica set to play Greece in their next match on June 29, 2014. This historic battle game was non-stop nail-biting action that had to go into extra time and decided ultimately by penalty kicks.  Costa Rica’s penalties score against Greece was 5 – 3 Greece.

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A Participation Sport

Costa Ricans don’t just watch soccer, almost everyone plays it or has played it at one time. You find people of all ages playing “mejengas” or unofficial games. These games are taken seriously, and the players can be very competitive! Soccer really is part of the Costa Rica culture. Many of the country’s larger institutions and corporations sponsor amateur games, for example, the national “Cervezeria” or Brewery.  Banks also sponsor amateur teams as do supermarkets.

The National Stadium

If you like soccer, you can’t miss seeing a game at the National Stadium in Costa Rica. Located in La Sabana Park in central San Jose, it is the first world-class sports arena to be built in Central America. Financed by the Chinese government the stadium is huge and can hold more than 35,000 people. It also serves as a location for concerts as well as sporting events. Enjoy the real Costa Rica culture of Soccer and Costa Rica National pride by seeing a game, and don’t forget to scream, “Gooooaaaallll!!!!”

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