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What is a great way to refresh yourself under the beauty of the Costa Rican sun?  You may say a cold glass of water, a swim at the beach, or even a cold beer at lunch.  This is all well and good, but certainly, there are better ways, especially in Costa Rica. This is where Canyoning comes in; you may have heard it called by many names, Abseiling, Rappelling, it’s all the same fun activity. Enjoy this great thing to do, Canyoning in Costa Rica.

Safety When Canyoning

Rappelling Forty meters down the side of a waterfall sounds frightening.  Even the most experienced might get afraid, but seeing the maturity of the tour guides, having a secure harness, and being helped along the way gives assurance of a fun experience.  Also, the equipment is checked over, and taken care of every tour.  The tour companies are up to date on inspections and have a great respect for Safety First, after all, it is to the best interest of the customer. Before anything guests are instructed on techniques used, and what not to do.  After the short safety lecture helmets, safety harness, and leather gloves to prevent rope burn are given out.  

Starting out Canyoning in Costa Rica

Many have not ever been canyoning or repelling before, so the tours will take it slow at first.  A tour will start out with hiking or small drive with an all-terrain vehicle through a muddy rainforest road.  Then you can expect to get wet as the exciting thrill of climbing down the face of a waterfall is about to happen. Brace yourself for a big splash of water as your guide starts letting out your rope.

Looking out over the waterfall as you see the rest of your friends or family follow you is amazing.  Feeling the rush gives you the courage to keep going as you know the next rappel is even bigger.  Finally, you get to where the guides have told you about, the natural pool of water below the waterfall you just climbed. Swimming in this pool is something new and is the best way to refresh yourself on a hot day.

Who can go Canyoning

Considering all things said you might be worried about what ages and experience levels Canyoning is suitable for.  Well, any age and there is no reason to worry over if you have not ever done this before.  These tours offer the best of tour guides, they are professional and do this every day.  They will be right beside you along the whole trip giving you advice and providing some comic relief when things get scary.  Guests from even the ages of twelve to eighty years of age have had wonderful experiences and won’t forget there the first time.

What else is there

Apart from just canyoning during your tour you can expect some hiking/trekking throughout the rainforest, swimming in crystal clear pools and of course waterfalls. Also, animals abound, from monkeys to tree sloths and Butterflies. On most tours, a lunch is provided. So no need to worry about food.

These tours happen all over Costa Rica, Arenal, Manuel Antonio, and The Osa Peninsula, offering five-star tours and the absolute best experience. The only question now is when I should book my Canyoning in Costa Rica trip?     


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