Costa Rica Sky Tram Experience

Glide through the Treetops and Explore the Canopy!

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An Adventure for All Ages!

A Costa Rica Sky Tram Adventure is the perfect adventure for your entire travel group!  This low impact experience consists of taking an open-air gondola. All with a highly trained naturalist guide on a series of double-cabled lines across the top and along the floor of the rain forest or cloud forest. The gondolas usually seat approximately 6-8 passengers and have a roof to protect you from any occasional rainfall. As they quietly glide thru the forest, your guide will point out all of the fascinating details of this spectacular ecosystem! The perfect adventure for all age groups – everyone will find something fascinating on this unique thing to do!

See the Rain Forest from a Unique Perspective!

A Costa Rica Sky Tram adventure allows you to see the best of the rain forest from two very distinct vantage points!   As you slowly travel across the ground floor of the rain forest and then thru the treetops in your open-air gondola, you will see things from a whole new perspective. This is an epic opportunity for spotting spectacular birds species in their natural habitat. As well as many other unique animal and insect species. As you glide thru the lush foliage, your guide will point out the mysteries of the rain forest to you – from minuscule orchids and other fascinating plant life to bugs and reptiles cleverly hiding amongst the plant life!

Locations all over Costa Rica!

Costa Rica Tram’s are located in many different areas all over Costa Rica. Each Sky Tram offers a unique perspective on the local area all while still being appropriate for all ages. Among some of the options is the aerial tram at the Arenal Volcano which allows you to travel thru over 4000 feet with unique volcano and lake views. Or perhaps the Monteverde Cloud Forest is something more interesting to you! At over 5000 feet about sea level, you will marvel at the views of the Cloud Forest and Continental Divide! Another one of the most popular Aerial Trams in Costa Rica is the Atlantic Tram. This borders the Braulio Carrillo National Park. Also, easily accessed from both San Jose and the Caribbean coast cruise ship ports. No matter what part of the country you are in – there is an Aerial Tram Adventure nearby!

Combination Options

At each Costa Rica Sky Tram location, it is possible to pair your experience with other local adventures. Most have zip line adventures or hanging bridges, which will enhance your appreciation of the local scenery! There are also often Butterfly and Hummingbird Gardens, Frog Areas and opportunities for informative guided trail walks. All of the Aerial Tram operations also offer the option of including a delicious buffet lunch so that you can make your adventure a full day experience!   No matter where you are visiting in Costa Rica most likely there is an Sky Tram experience near you!

Rainforest Aerial Tram Adventures

Rainforest Aerial Tram

San Jose. Nature Guide, Meal, Transfer.
From: $75 - $100
Rainforest Aerial Tram Sky Adventure

Aerial Tram with Rainforest Adventure

San Jose, Jaco. Nature
Sarapiqui River Flowing

Rain Forest Adventure 3 in 1 with Expediciones Tropicales

San Jose. Nature
Sky Tram Lake View

Sky Tram with Sky Adventures

Arenal. Nature
Arenal Sky Tram View

Sky Walk & Sky Tram with Sky Adventures

Arenal. Nature
Arenal Sky Trek Costa Rica

Sky Tram & Trek with Sky Adventures

Arenal. Nature
Sky Tram Lake View

Sky Walk, Sky Tram & Sky Trek with Sky Adventures

Arenal. Nature
Arenal Sky Tram Nature

Sky Tram & Sky Walk with Sky Adventures

Monteverde. Nature
Arenal Sky Tram Service

Sky Trek & Sky Tram with Sky Adventures

Monteverde. Adventure
Arenal Sky Tram Service

Sky Walk, Sky Tram & Sky Trek with Sky Adventures

Monteverde. Nature
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