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Costa Rica Fish

Inshore and Outshore!

Fish are all over Costa Rica in lakes, rivers, Inshore and Outshore, This is what makes Costa Rica Fishing so popular. You can’t go anywhere with out seeing them in the waters. There is different types of fish that we will be discussing. Firstly popular sports fishing Fish and the different species you find Inshore and Out Shore.

Fish Seasons

Offshore fish are some of the biggest and most popular fish you will find in Costa Rica waters. This is especially so in the months of December through April. That is because of the sheer number of fish that show up during that time.  Most anglers think it is due to the rainy season that the fish dissipate but this is far from true, fish don’t care about rain they are already wet. Rather it is because of the wind current shift. Billfish, Dorados, and Tuna rely on Oxygen rich waters for proper nutrients and from May-Nov those water just don’t exist near Costa Rica. During the High season, there are two ocean currents that push all this oxygen enriched water towards Costa Rica. Also, you will find out that two strong wind currents from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean blow this water back out from the Costa Rican shores. So with water currents pushing one way and wind currents pushing the other way, this puts a large concentration of fish in the Central Pacific area. 


Inshore Fish

Fishing Costa Rica


Roosterfish are a fighting fish and one of the most sought after species of fish. 

Size: 30-40lbs sometimes up to 80-100lbs

Where Found: Near rocky shores of the Pacific

Season: November-March



The Grouper is a large mouthed fish with several different variations.

Size: 3m long and 450kg

Where Found: Near Coral Reefs on the Pacific

Season: December-April



Snapper tends to be a very wary fish and keep to themselves.

Size: 50-100lbs 

Where Found: They stick close to Coral Reefs on the Pacific

Season: July-December



The Amberjack is a tough fish and very heavily built.

Size: 50-100lbs or more

Where Found: Near wrecks and rocky shores on the Pacific

Season: December-April



The Mackerel is colorful, with a bronzy back a bluish side scales. 

Size: 10-20lbs and 2-3ft long

Where Found: Found both Atlantic and Pacific sides

Seasons: Year round 

Offshore Fish



Marlin is one of the most powerful fish in the seas and put up a fight when you try to catch it.

Size: Ave 100-200lbs Max 1200lbs

Where Found: All up the pacific side

Season: December-April

Marlin Costa Rica


The Sailfish are known for its sail, one of the most popular between December and April.

Size: Ave 100-200lbs Max 1200lbs

Where Found: Normally in the deeper waters outshore

Season: December-March



Dorado is an extremely colorful fish in Costa Rica and normal change their colors.

Size: 30-60lbs

Where Found: Found on both coasts with smaller ones near island and coasts

Season: May-November 

Yellow Fin Tuna

Yellow Fin Tuna

The yellow fin tuna is a feisty fish known for its jumping ability and large size.

Size: 50-300lbs

Where Found: All over the Pacific Coast

Season: January-July

Lake Arenal, Tortugeuro, And Caño Negro

Blue Guapote


Guapote is very common to Lake Arenal. The larger they get the more colorful they will be being part of the Cichlid family.

Size: Guapote reach to 14inches or more in length 

Where Found: Lake Arenal and Caribbean 



Machaca is another feisty fish and known for jumping in the air if you try to catch them.

Size: 3-10lbs

Where Found: Lake Arenal



Tarpon is a large freshwater fish. Mainly found in the canal of Tortuguero.

Size: 50-100lbs

Where Found: Caribbean

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