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All you need to know about Envision Festival! February 28-March 3, 2019

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What is Envision Festival About? 

One of the biggest transitional festivals in Central America, Envision Festival is a 4-day musical, cultural and artistic adventure. It is by far one of the most popular festivals in Costa Rica. Envision is more than just a music festival, it is famous for being a life-changing experience.

On the beautiful Pacific coast of Uvita, Envision Festival takes place between the jungle and the ocean. The goal of the festival is to bring people from all cultures and backgrounds together in music, art, yoga, spirituality, performance, dance and education. In fact, the 8 pillars of Envision Festiva are movement, spirituality, music, radical acceptance, community, permaculture, health and art.

Let’s plan your Envision Festival Experience together!

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Here are some essential tips and things to bring for your Envision Experience!

Envision is a celebration of different cultures and it pushes the potential for humans to learn from each other in a sustainable community.

First-time Envision Festival partakers can feel overwhelmed with information about the Festivals rules and activities. Not to worry, though! Here we will give Envision Festival enthusiasts some tips to make the most out of this incredible experience

Things To Bring!

vegan foodFoodware

Envision Festival is extremely environmentally motivated, there’s even been some reforesting done in the past six years! So plastic and single-use utensils are forbidden, however, all food sold at the event is completely organic and grown by local farmers! There is also a grocery store in Uvita which carries most basic products–remember to bring your own utensil!


Solid Footwear

As tempted as you might be to just explore the fantastic beach and jungle right away, an important piece of equipment for your travel is right below you! Footwear that you chose to bring can define your whole Envision Festival experience. Don’t forget to pack strong, good quality footwear so you can go out explore the whole festival without worrying.



Remember that temperatures in Uvita rarely vary, excluding some hot summer weeks, Uvita is mostly known for its temperate and pleasant weather! However we always recommend bringing sunscreen on your travels to Uvita. The hottest months are April, May, and June. It can get to 84.2°F! (29°C) Don’t let a nasty sunburn ruin your experience!

Things to do! 


Connect with other Travelers!

First-timers coming to Envision Festival can get valuable information from past attendees! you can find information about Envision Festival on the Envision Festival Facebook Group.

Previous Envision Festival attendees can ease your first-timer worries with the right recommendations and guides. Contacting them through the Festivals Facebook Group is very easy and most people will be delighted to assist you with any questions you might have.


Going into The Village!

The Village acts as a central hub for all attendees. It’s filled with food stalls, amazing markets, workshops, and a ton of events! The year-round tropical climate provides Costa Rica constant access to a delicious selection of exotic Costa Rica fruits and vegetables that you can buy from local vendors!


Walking down to Uvita Beach 

The beach is one of the more stunning aspects of Envision Festival, travelers huddle up there in the evening to watch the absolutely amazing sunset over the ocean. Swimming, yoga and even fire spinning are just a few activities that happen on the beach. However, the path to the beach closes around 5:30 PM so plan your itinerary accordingly!



Envision Festival doesn’t come without a few health benefits. The natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere of Costa Rica make it the ideal spot for yoga and wellness. Yoga by the sea has lots of physical and spiritual benefits, This will help you forget the world you left behind. You can enjoy many different thought-provoking and mind-opening classes from some of the most inspiring yoga instructors in the entire world.

Essential Packing List for your Envision Experience

  1. Flashlight! (Remember to bring batteries)
  2. Bug spray
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Towel
  5. Reusable water container (Environmentally Friendly)
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Duct tape or any other kind of tape
  8. More than one bathing suit
  9. Socks and Underwear
  10. Good quality footwear and sandals
  11. Pillowcase
  12. Toothbrush (Bring more than one just in case)
  13. All your daily hygiene products
  14. Any kind of medication that you require (with a doctors note)


More Info!

Looking for more Information about Envision Festival? you can check out their official webpage to learn more about the Envision Experience. If you need help planning your trip around the Envision Festival you contact us for a custom itinerary!

Envision Festival 2020

The 10th annual installation of Envision Festival is bound to be a one fo kind experience! Dates and lineups still have to be posted so subscribe to the newsletter to receive all the info!

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