Costa Rica Holidays and Events

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What times should you visit?

Enjoy the many Costa Rica holidays and events. From January 1st until December 31st there is a holiday for almost every week of the year. This will help you decide when to Visit Costa Rica as certain times of year are extremely busy and the beaches are full and other parts of the year are not so bad. You will notice that the national holidays are when everyone gets a day off and the others sometimes get time off of work but unpaid. Other large events like  Envision are popular tourist events and a great way to meet some other foreigners. Where as local events are cool to see the traditional side of Costa Rica. You will see things like bullfighting, large carnivals and lots of Costa Rican Cuisine

Well Known and National Holidays

New years day celebration

New Years Day

January 1st  (Public)

New years day in Costa Rica is just like any other Country. Although they do have a few traditional foods at this time, for example, Tamales.

Holy week in Costa Rica

Semana Santa - Holy Week

April just before Easter  (Public)

Semana Santa is the one of the holiest week of the year in Costa Rica. Generally, everthing shuts down even public transportation for a few days. 

Easter in Costa RIca


April 1st  (Public)

Easter in Costa Rica is a very sincere and religious day. They don’t focus so much on the chocolate bunnies and more so on the traditions.

Dia de juan santa maria

Día de Juan Santamaría

April 11  (Public)

This is a day of recognition to the soldier Juan Santa Maria. He is the National Hero of Costa Rica. Many normally line the streets and carry the flag of Costa Rica. 

Fathers day celebration

Día de los Padres - Fathers Day

Third Sunday of June

Fathers day almost everywhere is a sentimental holiday between fathers and sons or daughters. 

labor day costa rica

Día de los Trabajadores - Labor Day

May 1st  (Public)

Labor Day or May Day is the celebration of workers, generally, there are parades and many fireworks. 

day of guanacaste

Día de Guanacaste

July 25th  (Public)

The annexation of Guanacaste is a very important day for Costa Rica. It celebrates the day that Guanacaste chose to be a part of this little Country. 

Virgen de las angeles

Virgen de Los Angeles

August 2nd  (Public)

The Virgen de Los Angeles is a very religious day with many starting the annual pilgrimage to Cartago almost a week before hand. 

Happy Mothers Day

Día de la Madre, Mothers Day

August 15th  (Public)

Mothers day is a very sentimental day to celebrate your mother. Normal giving Chocolates and Flowers. 

Independance day in Costa Rica

Independence Day

September 15th  (Public)

On this date in 1821 is the day Costa Rica became an independent country. It is a very important time in History and one all Costa Ricans look forward to each year. 

Imacculate conception

Immaculate conception

December 8th

The Fiest of the Immaculate Conception is a Religous holiday in Costa Rica. Many attend special church services on this date.

Christmas day Costa Rica

Christmas Day

December 25th  (Public)

This is a holiday celebrated worldwide. In Costa Rica, it focusses More so on the religious side of things. You will still see Christmas trees lights and family gatherings. 

Smaller Holidays

San Jose Private Tour

Día de San José

June 24th

A religious holiday celebrating Saint Joseph but generally families take it off for the beach and some down time. 

National Parks of Costa Rica

National Parks Day

August 24th

This Day celebrates the numerous protected areas and national parks with in Costa Rica. 

Costa Ricans

Día de la Raza or Day of Cultures

October 12

A boisterous celebration of Carnival festivals and parties. It is known for the day Christopher Columbus discoverd Latin America.

Halloween in Costa Rica


October 31st

Halloween is not very popular in Costa Rica. But has taken off recently in small neighborhoods. 

Day of the dead

Día de los Muertos

November 2nd

It is common to have large celebrations in other countries but Costa Ricans normally will go visit dead relatives at cemeteries and decorate the tomb stones. 

Large Carnivals and Events

Envision mainstage


February 22nd – 25th

The Envision festival is full of Musical performances, Yoga, and different workshops. It has grown into a large outdoor event in the past years attracting thousands. 

Reggae Artist

Jungle Jam

March 22nd

Jungle Jam is an annual reggae festival. it also attracts large crowds and is full of reggae culture. 

Traditional Afro Caribbean Music


October 11th

The Costa Rican Carnival takes place for one week in the port town of Limon. They celebrate an Afro-Caribbean culture with dancing music and food. 

Small Town Fiestas

Small Town Fiestas

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