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If you have ever been to, traveled through or lived in Costa Rica and you want to share you experience, knowledge, advice, photos or videos, you’ve come to the right place. 

You don’t necessarily have to be an established blogger or photographer either. As long as your work follows the guidelines, we’ll publish it. 

The My Costa Rica Travel Blog simply wants to provide the most up-to-date and realistic information about the country from people who have seen it up close. 

And we are open to all Costa Rican experiences–good and bad. We want My Costa Rica Travel Blog to be a great source of information for everyone. 

Topics and Themes

Feel free to be creative with the topics you send to us. Obviously your work should be about Costa Rica, but that’s basically our only theme requirement. Of course, we are more likely to accept blog posts or articles about topics that are relevant to traveling or living in Costa Rica. To get you started, here is a list of possible ideas: 

General information: Info about things like traffic, health, safety or visa requirements.

Travel Writing: Pieces about your experiences traveling in Costa Rica. Be a story teller! 

Being an Expat: Tell us what it’s like to be an Expat and how you came to be one. 

Travel tips/advice: Share your travel secrets for future travelers. 

Reviews: Do you have a favorite (or least favorite) hotel? Restaurant? Beach? Tell us about it. 

About Costa Rica: Are you a history wiz? Do you know everything about Costa Rican demographics? Is the Costa Rican government fascinating to you? Write about it! 

Sustainability/Environmental Issues: Costa Rica is famous for its sustainability efforts. Tell us more about it.

Wildlife/Biodiversity: With 5% of the world’s diversity, you could spend the rest of your life writing about all the different plants and animals here. 

Of course these are just a few of potential topics that you could write about. Don’t forget that we are always looking for especially beautiful photos and well put-together videos/vlogs too! 

Content Guidelines 

We are pretty flexible with the content we will accept but there are a few guidelines to think about before you submit your work. 

  • Quality over quantity! We’d much rather publish a well-written/edited article than an overly-long one. Keep it simple. Between 500-2000 words. 
  • We LOVE original photos so please don’t hesitate to send them. 
  • Photo size: Generally we use 1000 x 700 pictures. It’s not a bad idea to send them a little bigger than that in case we need to resize them. 
  • Videos: We don’t have a length guideline for videos. What’s most important is original, quality content. 
  • We might edit your work. Once you submit a blog post, story, article, video etc. we might request that you make some changes to better fit our mission. We also might edit it ourselves to make sure it is the best content for our audience. However if we do edit it ourselves we will do our best to maintain the voice of your piece. 
  • We do reserve the right to reject submissions. If they are poorly written or edited, or they don’t fit our mission we might not publish them. 
  • Tell us about yourself! When you submit anything please send us a picture and 100-200 word bio about yourself so we can properly credit you. 
  • Tell us about your blog/website/business/etc.! We would love to promote your work and we might even ask you to promote ours! My Costa Rica loves building partnerships and we’re excited to work with you. 
  • Be creative! Probably the most important guideline. 
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