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Costa Rica Surfing Packages

Costa Ric’s stunning beaches are not just great for sunbathing, it also offers waves from the beginner surfer to the advanced break chasers. Test the limits of your skills on these amazing beaches or get some lessons if you’re just starting out. Instructors take the time to teach you the basics of surfing and help you get up on your first wave. Next to the highly developed beginner beaches, there are also those that are more remote and offer a challenge for the intermediate and advanced surfer. Have a look at our surf packages!

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Best of Guanacaste

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Volcano & Beaches of Nicoya

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From Less than $1000
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Wellness, Yoga & Surf Vacation in Paradise!

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Where to Go on your surf trip?


For your Costa Rica surf Vacation, check out the Central Pacific, Guanacaste and the Nicoya Peninsula. The these three regions you’ll find some of the most famous surfing beaches in the country, including Tamarindo, Playa Hermosa, Jaco, Santa Teresa, Nosara and Mal Pais. All these beaches will offer you stellar waves for your surf vacation. Find our list of the best surf spots for surfers of all levels.

Beginner surfers: Learn to surf in Tamarindo and Samara


Tamarindo Beach SurfingPlaya Tamarindo is referred to by locals as Tamagringo. That is how popular this beach destination is. Tamarindo surf is steady and consistent which makes it the perfect beach to take those first surfing lessons. You can take lessons with famous schools like the Witch’s Rock Surf Camp and Green Iguana Surf Camp. Next to the popular waves, Tamarindo also offers a bustling town full of restaurants, bars and shops. When you are feeling a bit more confident in your skills, you can always head to the neighboring beach of Playa Grande or south to Playa Negra. It is not so remote that you won’t have fellow surfers to help you but it is also not so overrun that you need to fight for a chance at riding the waves.

Next to Tamarindo Costa Rica, Playa Samara is another great beginner beach. The waves are never too aggressive which is perfect for the beginner and the town of Samara is a bit more culturally interesting that that of Tamarindo.

The intermediate and advanced surfer: Nicoya Peninsula and Central Pacific


Sunset at Nosara BeachIf you are feeling a bit more confident, you can head south along the Nicoya Peninsula and visit beaches like Nosara where you can find the Safari Surf School. Nosara boasts challenging surf breaks as well as a very well-established yoga culture. Some yoga classes available at this beach even focus specifically on surfers. Why not try some surf yoga to polish your up your skills and get some relaxation in the meantime?

Further south of Nicoya, you can find the beaches of Mal Pais, Montezuma and Santa Teresa. These beaches are a bit harder to get to and so perfect for the lone surfer needing to escape the crowds.

The Central Pacific boasts beaches like Jaco, Hermosa and Dominical Costa Rica. As part of a more developed area, these beaches are beautiful as well as great surfer and party destinations.

Do you really need to take it to the next level and are you looking for a more unique surfing experience? Then perhaps you would be happier traveling to the north of Guanacaste to Playa Naranjo. This beach is home to the fabled Witches Rock which has been known to produce rather challenging waves. You will find this stunning rock at a short walk from the camping grounds. Note that this beach is a very remote surf destination. You can only reach it with a 4×4 vehicle and as part of a national park, you will not find a surf shop or rental stores for surf boards. Serious surfers only!

More than just surfing

White water rafting Rincon de la ViejaWhen in Costa Rica, you have to want to experience more than just waves during your trip. Make your surfing vacation about some other things as well! Especially when in the area of Guanacaste, you have some thrilling options for day trips that introduce you to some of Costa Rica’s natural wonders. Close by you will find national parks like that of volcano Rincon de la Vieja. Known to have some unique biodiversity, Rincon de la Vieja is a great place to take horseback riding tours or even try shite-water rafting. You can hike to a waterfall or try your hand at canyoning. To cap it all off, you can end the day in one of the relaxing thermal hot springs or mud baths. You can travel from hotel to hotel or choose to stay in a retreat where everything from meals to tours in included.

Best time for your Costa Rica Surf Trip

Surf School Cariblue BungalowsFor the Pacific Coast, guests and travelers love to plan their trip during the dry season between the months of December and may. It is when the days are longer and sunnier and the rainfall is almost nonexistent. The rainy season, on the other hand, attracts far less crowds and is also known to be cheaper. You shouldn’t be scared off by this season as you can experience more thrilling waves during your trip and you can have some real surf adventures. But keep in mind that the water can also get pretty rough and surf conditions can in some cases be dangerous. Surfing during the rainy season is perfectly possible in the northern and central pacific but perhaps stick to the more developed areas in case you need some assistance! Other than that? Enjoy the waves!


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