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Costa Rica has many opportunities and locations for great shopping. There’s too and many places where you can pick up Costa Rica souvenirs to remember your vacation here!  Costa Rica is famous for its nature and beauty. Also, that is certainly evident in the variety of exotic things that you can buy at the local markets across the country. Most famous of the local Costa Rica Souvenirs markets is the Mercado Nacional de Artesanias in San Jose. This place offers many traditional handmade souvenirs from vendors all located in one convenient location. For example, framed butterflies, silver jewelry, exotic wood carvings, brightly colored hammocks and so much more. You’ll find here the perfect place to pick up something.

Local Ferias – the place to buy fruits and vegetables!

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Almost every village or town in Costa Rica has a local feria. They offer the very best in Costa Rican fruit and vegetables straight from the farm. Also, local Ferias are the best places to mingle with local Ticos and experience the myriad of exotic items. There is still always something unique and enjoyable to taste and observe! Often local ferias will include homemade baked goods and small arts and crafts items making them the perfect place to pick up a few yummy treats. Local ferias usually only operate one day a week. So you might want to do some planning if visiting one is on your wish list!

Costa Rica Souvenirs Rainforest Woods and Native-Pottery

Two areas have the unique distinction of specializing in arts and crafts items that Costa Rica has become famous. The area of Sarchi just north of San Jose has established itself over the years as the woodworking capital of the country. They offer many custom made furniture and decorative objects made of local exotic hardwoods. Also famous for the brightly covered Ox Carts Sarchi has many markets full of local arts and craft. As well as many customized furniture pieces they can ship to you. Also different is the village of Guatil which is famous for the pre-Columbian pottery and clay art pieces. They have made them in the area for over 800 years. Though the pottery can be purchased throughout Costa Rica, visiting Guatil is a unique opportunity to see the entire process and get great prices on Costa Rica souvenirs.

Costa Rica Souvenirs Sarchi Oxcart

Modern Malls and Sophisticated Shopping Options

San Jose offers all of the modern shopping options of any large city with malls and streets lined with unique stores! The area of Escazu is well known for its high-end options. Anything that you might want you should be able to find in San Jose. As with any large area, selection and variety can vary between mall. Too, most major chain stores located at any location. For Duty-Free shopping the port city of Golfito designated as a tax-freehub allowing for the purchase of large items including appliances – at significant savings!

What a great place to shop for all your Costa Rica Souvenirs.

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