The Costa Rica Jaguar and Wildcats

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A National Symbol

The Costa Rica Jaguar is very well known here and is a national symbol. Not only is this because it is such a rare cat but because of all the conservation efforts put forth because of it. Because the Jaguar’s habitat spans such a large area when a Jaguar is labeled as protected it helps to protect all other animals in that zone. 

Facts about the Jaguar

The Costa Rica Jaguar is the largest of all wild cats here on the Rich Coast. They range in sizes of about 100-250 lbs and live for approximately 15 or fewer years in the wild. Jaguars tend to come out at night being nocturnal. They are a lonely creature and prefer it that way, of course until the mating season comes, then males will start the search for a mate. After mating, females will give birth on average 1-4 cubs. One of the favorite meals that Jaguars love to eat is the wild pigs or peccaries. 

Conservation Efforts 

All over Costa Rica, you will find reserves and conservation efforts surrounding the Jaguar. Specifically in the Corcovado National Park is a large effort towards protecting them. With only 15000 left worldwide and approximately 50 specifically in the Corcovado National park, it is no wonder why there is such an effort to conserve them.  

Costa Rica Jaguars are hard to find and you most certainly cannot expect to see them in the wild, although you could by sheer 1 in a million chance see them. If you do happen to spot a Jaguar you may have just realized that you actually don’t want to see one. Although cool, running into something that can potentially eat you is kind of scary. That why we offer some other Costa Rica animals for you to read about. 


Costa Rica Wildcats

Although the Costa Rica Jaguar is an amazing species of wild cat, Costa Rica has many others of different sizes and colors. One example of this is the Puma, you will find these particular cats not just in Costa Rica but all over North America. They are extremely versatile in habitat and can live in almost any climate. 


PumaRed List Least Concern

The Puma is second only to the jaguar in size, it is one of the biggest predators of Costa Rica, Although the Puma will avoid being in the same territory of its bigger cousin. 

Size: 7-9 feet long

Weight: 150-250lbs



Ocelots are found in most of Costa Rica although hard to find, they are roughly twice the size of your common feline and eat similar small sized meals. Red List Least Concern

Size: 30-40 inches long

Weight: 25-35lbs


MargayRed List Not Threatened

The Margay used to be spread all through out Costa Rica but has diminished because of hunting and deforestation. Also, about the size of your common feline. 

Size: 10-15inches long

Weight: Close to 10lbs


JaguarundiRed List Least Concern

The Jaguarundi is different than other wild cats of Costa Rica by having a rounded pupil and darker fur color. It is also a more aggressive cat when encountered compared to the others. 

Size: 3-4 feet long

Weight: 20-30lbs

Where to find Wild Cats

The likelihood of you actually seeing any of these cats in the wild is frankly, very unlikely. And the likely hood of you being safe while you do is also highly unlikely. That is why it is best to go to one of the many nature reserves in Costa Rica to view them up close. One of the very best nature reserves is at the La Paz waterfall gardens, here they have a Butterfly Center, a Serpentaria, a wild cat enclosure, and of course the waterfalls. Another great place to go is the Jaguar Rescue center, although you might not see a Jaguar as they come and go as the animal comes back to health. The center has a large variety of animals including other Wildcats, birds, snakes, butterflies and so much more. 

What ever types of animals that you love, Costa Rica has it all. Simply there is so much variety we can’t count the number of species here in the Rich Coast. 

Costa Rica jaguar and big Cats

Come and see the Wild Cats!

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