Guaria Morada

The National Flower of Costa Rica

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Guaria Morada

Costa Rica National Flower is The Blazing Purple Guaria Morada Orchid

The Guaria Morada (Cattleya skinnier) is the Costa Rica National Flower. An endangered National Treasure. It is a beautiful purple orchid, one of many different types of orchids that can be found throughout the country. Guaria Morada the national flower of Costa Rica and so named on June 15, 1939.

This national beauty blossoms during the months of January through March. It usually produces four to five flowers, each lasting only a limited time. Large, colorful, irregular shaped flowers adorn this beautiful plant accompanied by their captivating scent. This lovely flower receives nutrients from the air and rain reserved in the trunks of trees where they grow. Although this flower is not a parasite,  it does rely on its host trees for subsistence.

A common flower

The Guaria Morada is no stranger in local Costa Rican homes. In fact, “Campesinos,”  or indigenous farmers, say the radiant beauty of the flower reflects the beauty of Costa Rican women.

Orchids predominate in a tropical climate, and there are more than 1500 species native to Costa Rica. The Guaria Morada is a fundamental part of the countries folklore and tradition. According to Costa Rican culture, the Guaria Morada brings good fortune and luck. It symbolizes family harmony and union. Also believed to bring peace, love, and hope!

Presently, there is an Annual Orchid Show in Alajuela Costa Rica, usually in October. The Orchid Show in Costa Rica, a fabulous anticipated event for flower lovers. The show is not only a great place to learn about this beautiful plant but also raises awareness about endangered plant species and efforts to protect them  such as Cattleya dowiana (Guaria Turrialba), Peristeria elata (Espíritu Santo) Psychopsis krameriana (Mariposa), Trichopilia suavis and Guarianthe skinneri (Guaria Morada – the Costa Rican national flower). The event is held by the Alajuela Orchid Association.

 This flower adds so much to the facts of Costa Rica.
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