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Costa Rica is a country well worth visiting no matter the way you get there. A Costa Rica Cruise is certainly one of the more luxurious ways. You may not arrive in Costa Rica as fast as an airplane or even by car but why rush when you are being pampered. There are two main ports that you arrive to in Costa Rica when on a cruise and various small stops that they make along the way depending on what cruise you are on. 

Caldera Costa Rica

Puerto Caldera 

Puerto Caldera is the main port serving the Puntarenas Province, the Main street of Caldera is packed with great places to eat and dine. You will also find some cool souvenir shops. Caldera is a traditional city in Costa Rica influenced heavily by Spanish traditions, foods, and styles. 

You might like to try out some new cuisines including Gallo Pinto. It is a lovely dish that almost every Costa Rican eats daily. Made from the base of rice and beans mixed with fresh vegetables, spices, and traditional Lizano sauce. 

Also Perhaps you will have time to go on some really cool tours in the rainforest. One tour that everyone loves is zip lining. Don’t worry about age on this tour as long as you are healthy, you can enjoy zipping through the rainforest above. 

Depending on the Costa Rica Cruise you choose you might make some small stops to other ports and harbors. This includes places like San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua, Playas del Coco, Quepos, Drake Bay, and Golfito

Cruise ships arriving at limonPuerto Limón

Puerto Limón is located on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. It serves as the main port of the Caribbean coast accepting all kinds of ships the world over. You will experience the Afro Caribbean style of Costa Rica in Limon. It is much different than the rest of this little country. Depending on your cruise schedule you might have time to visit some of the cool sites around.

Cahuita is a small beach town about an hours drive away and has many different things to see. This includes the Cahuita National Park, the park has a lot of different wildlife species including Iguanas, Sloths, Monkeys, Coatis, Lizards, and so much more. Perhaps you might also like visiting the Jaguar rescue center also not far from Limon City. The little rescue center holds many different animals that have been injured or abandoned and are looked after by volunteers. 

Another great part of visiting this side of Costa Rica is the cuisines. Caribbean cuisines are different from the rest of the country. This will give you a chance to try something new. 

Panama CanalPanama Canal

Another Popular cruise that people take is through the Panama Canal. Traveling through the canal is an interesting experience as you get to see Panama from a different side. You can see the beautiful jungle the whole way along as well as Panama city nearby. 



Recommended Tours

Although we at My Costa Rica do not sell Cruises, we do recommend a few specific cruises to check out if you want to visit Costa Rica.  One is through Carnival, they have several exotic destinations including, Puerto Limon, and the Panama Canal. Another is Princess Cruises, they arrive in Puerto Caldera, and let you explore Costa Rica from there. 

Where ever you travel on your Costa Rica Cruise you are sure to have fun. Let us help you explore the rest of Costa Rica!


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