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Hiking in Costa Rica for the adventurous kind!  These tours are very popular for those who like adrenaline activities combined with breath-taking views. You will love this splendid activity.

Nature Hiking in Costa Rica

heredia nature

True Costa Rica nature vacations are more than just a nature retreat. They’re more likely to introduce you to fantastic destinations in the form of nature walks. From deep jungle trails in the mountains to amongst the evergreen giants of the lowlands.  We were meant to explore on foot, and there’s so much more to explore in Costa Rica.  Nature walks in Costa Rica put you up close and personal with some of the best spots Costa Rica has to offer!

In order of easiest to most difficult, physically speaking, these are my favorite walks on the wild side in Costa Rica. Anything else is a hike.

  • Poas Volcano National Park.
  • Canopy Suspension Bridges.
  • Manuel Antonio National Park.
  • La Fortuna Waterfall.
  • Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve.

Poas Volcano Crater Observation Walk

Poas Volcano has a very easy paved trail and is even wheelchair accessible.  You would think that peeking over a crater’s edge and looking eye to eye into the depths of an active volcano would require high fitness training.  But in the Poas National Park, it’s truly a ten-minute walk in the park.  Accessibility over pavement makes it the easiest active crater to take a peek into in the world.

The National Park has other easy but uphill trails like one that penetrates, as a tunnel would a mountain.  Thickets of tropical cloud forest stumped growth towards a clearing of jaded water glaring from the reflection of a jungle wrapped volcanic crater’s lagoon.

Top cuatro reasons to love Poas Volcano, National Park:

  • Universal accessibility to peek into an active volcano’s crater.
  • You’re up in the sky at 2500 meters.
  • The road to Poas is very scenic.
  • Botos Crater Lagoon.

Cloud Forest Canopy Suspension Bridges

Hanging bridges in Arenal tourists

Canopy walks should not be excluded in your Costa Rica Nature Vacation.  They are very popular with tourists in the jungle.  This places them at a point of view they have never experienced before in nature.

An excellent example of canopy bridges in Costa Rica is Selvatura in Monteverde.  The Selvatura experience includes jungle trails and eight suspension bridges that take you into over and under the tropical cloud forest canopy where visitors come to look for Quetzals. Also, the three-wattled bell bird and some other unique creatures. Selvatura can also claim the shortest walk in Costa Rica, a ten second twenty step stroll to its hummingbird gardens where, at hand grasping distance, these speedy little insect looking birds will leave you in awe.

Selvatura’s attractions:

  • Zip Lining in the Cloud Forest (unique).
  • Tree Top Walkways.
  • Hummingbird Garden.
  • Insect exhibition.
  • Herpetarium (snakes and frogs).
  • Butterfly Garden.

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Manuel Antonio Wildlife Bonanza

Manuel Antonio Jungle

Walking Manuel Antonio National Park is an excellent place to visit during the low tourist season.

During the high season, the Sloth Trail in the park can get crowded with mobs of full gear nature lovers inspecting its biodiversity to the fullest.

Manuel Antonio National Park is a great place to get most out of your walking experience by paying for a government qualified nature guide, who you can pay for at the entrance.

This oasis of nature along the most beautiful beach in Central America is worth a visit.


480 Steps to La Fortuna Waterfall

adrenalinum maximus canyoneering near la fortuna river

Then there is the short, difficult Hiking in Costa Rica that are also very much worth taking, like the one to La Fortuna Waterfall.  The 480 step journey down a jungle covered canyon which destination is a tall, powerful waterfall and natural swimming ponds. This puts you in the essence of what most people were expecting to see in any Costa Rica nature vacation.

The strong plunging fresh water through a crevice of a wall of rock attracts valiant swimmers. Here swimming is recommended a few steps further down the trail where a dark green pond awaits for picture perfect moments in Costa Rica.

Ah, but it’s going back up! That’s the hard part.

Their low price souvenir shop is also worth a visit.

Hiking in Costa Rica, Absolute Natural Reserve

The Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve is another walk that requires a body in good condition and plenty of take-a-long water, especially during the dry season months, when it is best to visit.

At a quiet pace, the Cabo Blanco trail can be accomplished in a total of 5 hours.  This is an excellent trail that involves a three-hour journey through a jungle where the dry forest transitions into the wet forest back and forth.  In Cabo Blanco, elements of both life zones can be appreciated just steps away from each other in a unique display of ancient giant trees and dusty dry thickets.  Monkeys, deer, and wild turkeys are usually your observant bystanders as you walk through their territory.

The reward for such a beautiful walk that at times transitions into a hike, lies at the end of the trail.  It is Cabo Blanco beach; the solitary and pristine corner of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula and home to a great number of brown pelicans and ocean side beauty.

Hiking in Costa Rica is a great way to explore new surroundings, anything more difficult would be considered an outright hike, which is also a great way to enhance Costa Rica nature vacations.

Arenal Hanging bridges

Mistico Hanging Bridges Natural History Walk

Arenal. Nature Guide, Equipment.
From: Under $50
Sky Tram Lake View

Arenal Sky Tram Up & Down

Arenal. Nature Guide, Drinks.
From: $50 - $75
Arenal Volcano Hot Springs

Arenal Volcano Observation Hike and Hot Springs

Arenal. Nature, Excursion Guide, Drinks, Transfer, Entrance Fee.
From: $50 - $75
Venado Caves Exploration

Venado Caves Costa Rica

Arenal. Adventure, Nature, Excursion Drinks, Transfer, Equipment, Entrance Fee.
From: $50 - $75
Cahuita National Park Entrance

Hike Cahuita National Park Tour

Cahuita, Puerto Viejo. Favorite. Nature Guide, Drinks, Snack, Meal, Transfer, Entrance Fee.
From: Under $50
Wildlife Refuge Sloth

Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge Day Tour

Manzanillo, Puerto Viejo. Favorite. Nature Guide.
From: $50 - $75
Palo Verde Costa Rica Tiger Heron

Palo Verde National Park Boat Tour

Palo Verde. Nature Guide, Meal, Transfer.
From: $75 - $100
Manuel Antonio Canopy for kids Costa Rica

Canopy & ATV Tours at Safari Adventures

Manuel Antonio. Favorite. Adventure, Family Guide, Meal, Transfer, Equipment.
From: $50 - $75
Manuel Antonio Monkey

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour

Manuel Antonio. Favorite. Family, Nature Guide, Drinks, Snack, Transfer, Equipment, Entrance Fee.
From: Under $50
Trapiche Coffee Tour Costa Rica

El Trapiche Coffee Tour

Monteverde. Cultural, Excursion Guide, Transfer, Entrance Fee.
From: Under $50
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve Waterfall

Guided Hike Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Monteverde. Adventure, Nature Guide, Drinks, Transfer.
From: $50 - $75
Night Walk Tour

Night Walk at the Wildlife Refuge Monteverde

Monteverde. Adventure, Nature Guide, Transfer, Entrance Fee.
From: $50 - $75
Monteverde Sky Walk Bridge

Monteverde Sky Walk with Guide

Monteverde. Family, Nature Guide, Equipment.
From: Under $50
Santa Elena Reserve

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Hike

Monteverde. Adventure, Nature Guide, Drinks, Transfer.
From: $50 - $75
Costa Rica Jungle

San Pedrillo Corcovado National Park Tour

Nature, Excursion Guide, Drinks, Snack, Meal, Transfer.
From: $75 - $100
Arenal Hanging Bridges Jungle View

Arenal Sky Walk

Arenal. Family, Nature
From: Under $50
Aerial Tram Tapirus Lodge

6-in-1-Tour with Rainforest Adventure

San Jose. Adventure
Poas Volcano National Park

Poas Volcano, Doka Coffee Plantation & La Paz Waterfall Gardens with Expediciones Tropicales

San Jose. Nature
Doka Shop

Doka Coffee & La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour with Expediciones Tropicales

San Jose. Excursion
Manuel Antonio Travel Packages

Manuel Antonio National Park Tour with Expediciones Tropicales

Manuel Antonio. Nature
La Paz Waterfall Gardens Jaguar

La Paz Waterfall Gardens Tour with Expediciones Tropicales

San Jose. Nature
Jaguar Face

Jaguar Rescue Center, Chocolate House & Waterfall Tour with Willie’s Tours

Cahuita. Cultural
Cahuita National Park Beach

Hike to Cahuita National Park with Cahuita Tours

Cahuita. Nature
Rincon de la Vieja Animals

Hiking in Rincon de la Vieja National Park & Oropendula Waterfall with Hacienda Guachipelin

Rincon de la Vieja. Nature
Rincon de la Vieja Animals

Hiking in Rincon de la Vieja National Park, Las Pailas Trail with Hacienda Guachipelin

Rincon de la Vieja. Nature
Lyre snake

One Day Nature Pass with Hacienda Guachipelin

Rincon de la Vieja. Adventure
La Fortuna Waterfall Costa Rica

La Fortuna Waterfall Guided Hike with Desafio

Fortuna. Nature
Arenal Sky Walk Arenal Nature

Guided Sky Walk with Sky Adventures

Arenal. Nature
Ostional Beach Turtle Night Tour

Pacific Green Turtle Nesting Tour at Night with Jacamar

Ostional. Nature
Oropendula Waterfall

Rincon de la Vieja Waterfall Hike with Jacamar

Rincon de la Vieja. Nature
Rincon de la vieja Monkey

Rincón de la Vieja National Park Guided Hike & Liberia City Tour with Jacamar

Rincon de la Vieja, Liberia. Nature
Santa Rosa Monkey

Santa Rosa National Park & Liberia City Tour with Jacamar

Santa Rosa, Liberia. Cultural
Costa Rica Waterfalls

Waterfalls Summer Day with Jacamar

Rincon de la Vieja. Nature
Sloth Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio National Park tour with Tucanes Tours

Manuel Antonio, Quepos. Nature
Arenal View

Arenal Volcano National Park with Desafio

Arenal. Nature
Chocolate Tour Arenal

Arenal Combo Chocolate Tour & La Fortuna Waterfall with Desafio

Arenal. Nature
Santa Juana Costa Rica Rural Traditional tour

Santa Juana Rural Mountain Adventure Tour with Si Como No

Manuel Antonio. Cultural
Monteverde Forest

Guided Hike in the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve with Desafio

Monteverde. Nature
Bird in Tree

Night Hike at the Wildlife Refuge in Monteverde with Desafio

Monteverde. Adventure
Entrance Santa Elena

Santa Elena Cloud Forest Reserve Hike with Ocotea Tours

Monteverde. Nature
Ecological Night Walk insect

The Bug Lady Night Tour

Drake Bay. Nature
Corcovado Tucan

San Pedrillo Ranger Station – Corcovado National Park Tour

Corcovado. Nature
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