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Snorkeling in Costa Rica a favorite thing to do of many, and can bring some of those long lost childhood dreams back to life.  It is a whole other world when you’re snorkeling, floating through the clear blue water to see more species than the eye can keep track of.

Snorkeling in Costa Rica

The snorkeling here is different than many areas the world over.  Here you have the chance to try it on both the Caribbean and Pacific sides on the same trip.  The type of fish you see in Costa Rica are truly unique, over 7000 species reside here alone, including whales, Dolphins, Morays, Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Puffers, and Barracudas.  A snorkeling tour will take roughly 3-4 hours, within in this short time you will see some breathtaking things.  The fish alone are beautiful but it doesn’t end there, the reefs in the Caribbean are astonishing. It’s an amazing ecosystem.

snorkeling in Costa Rica

Snorkeling Tips and Tricks

If it is your first time snorkeling, don’t be overly anxious as everyone has been there in your shoes or should I say flippers?  Some tips before you begin is to choose the proper equipment.  Make sure to grab a fitted mask, one that is comfortable and won’t fog up when in the water.  A dry snorkel is always good to have; snorkels can come with either an open top or have a special valve that closes when fully immersed in the water.  Also, it’s very important to have fins that fit, if too tight they can leave your feet sore and swollen, and too big they potentially could fall off. So it’s necessary to have the perfect fitting fins.

Who can Snorkel? And What to Bring?

Well really anyone, even your young kids can come and enjoy themselves in the water.  From young to old it is a family friendly activity.  Another Perk to snorkeling is there isn’t any need for a certification, unlike scuba diving.  The equipment is provided unless of course, you prefer your own.  What should you bring with you?  Well since you will be gone for about 3-4 hours it is recommended to bring sunscreen

, maybe some snacks, and that underwater camera you have been dying to use since you bought it.  Also, bring comfortable sandals that are good for walking in.

snorkeling in Costa Rica

Where to go?

Where to go snorkeling in Costa Rica is a big decision.  Costa Rica has tours all over the country from east to west.  The Pacific side is certainly beautiful having 

a vast array of marine life.  One of the better spots to go snorkeling here is Caño Island just off of the Osa Peninsula.  This area is calmer and sheltered being near the Golfo Dulce.  Other points of the Pacific include Tortuga Island, and Playa Hermosa, in the north and Manuel Antonio in the Central Pacific.  On the Caribbean Side, it is entirely different because of the reef system.  The colors you will see are amazing, Manzanillo Beach and Cahuita are by far the best spots here. Where ever you decide to go on your snorkeling tours in Costa Rica you will be sure to leave with a smile and a new desire for adventure.

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