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Where is Costa Rica? You have probably heard of it once or twice. Maybe from friends or family that have visited. If you do know anything about Costa Rica, you will be aware that It’s NOT An ISLAND and that you’ve probably been corrected for asking if it was. The truth is this country is much bigger than its size. When you look up Costa Rica on a map, it is that little, tiny section between the north and south Americas. If you’re using maps on your computer or phone, you have to zoom right in just to see it. Relatively small in size but big in diversity. Located 9 degrees North of the equator in Central America between Panama and Nicaragua, Costa Rica also has a Pacific and Caribbean coast. It’s roughly 20000 miles squared with a population density of 4.7 million.

Now back to the idea that Costa Rica is bigger than it looks. But how? You might ask. Well in culture, natural diversity, and scenery. Much different from other countries Costa Rica prides itself on sustainable energy like Hydropower and wind. It gives a new definition to Natural diversity. The National Parks make up 25 percent of the country’s land mass. And over 5 percent of the world biodiversity. In other terms, there are a lot of different types of animals.

Where is Costa Rica? The Landscapes

The top geographical features of Costa Rica are its Volcanoes, Beaches, Rainforests, and waterfalls. The tallest point of Costa Rica is Cerro Chirripo 3,810 m or (12,500 ft) it is said from this point you can see both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. The lowest point is the Pacific Coast, and from here we can see the world’s best beaches.

Presently there are 5 Active Volcanoes, Turrialba being the most active. It is a regular site to see this volcano spewing ash into the air. Waterfalls are a great part about visiting here; no one has counted how many falls there is. Finally rainforests, we can’t forget these. Having 5 percent of the world’s animal populations in your backyard is cool. Costa Rica takes the lead in preserving their wildlife and helping keep the planet clean.

Where is Costa Rica? The Culture

Where is Costa Rica’s culture? The culture here is amazing. From the cuisine to how people used to dress. You will find the culture of Costa Rica very diverse depending on what region you visit. In the north, you will find many old farmers and cowboys. The plantations thrive with Coffee, Rice, and Sugarcane. On the Caribbean side, you will find a very laid back style much like rest of the Caribbean islands. On the Pacific side is a surfer’s dream, having beach after beach. And in the south, It’s a very rustic style and feels. There is a very limited population the further south you go.

The food here is wonderful. A popular traditional dish is called Gallo Pinto. It’s rice and beans cooked with chicken and many spices for a delectable taste. Usually served on the side with Patacones or plantain chips.  Another traditional food here is Tamales. Tamales of every kind. Sweet and spicy, Chicken or beef, whatever you want more than likely Costa Ricans have made it before.


Why come here?

Now that you know a little more about where Costa Rica is, its geography, and Culture. Why should you come for a visit? Beyond the reasons mentioned above, there is so much more that you can find here. And one of those things is safety. On December 1, 1948, Costa Rica chose to dissolve their military and become neutral. This provides a very safe atmosphere among locals and visitors. Also, another factor of safety here is the mindset among locals. Foreigners and travelers here can move freely among the streets in relative safety. Crime is very well controlled here.

where is costa rica

When should you come?

Feel free to come year round. The weather here is beautiful all year. It’s true there is a wet and dry season. During the dry season tourist flock here from all over the world to see a natural beauty. This is the more popular season because of the gorgeous sunny weather. As for the wet season or also known as the green season, this time of year is gorgeous too. There may be a bit more rain, but it’s worth it to come during this time. The rivers and waterfalls will be full. Especially waterfalls, seeing the raw power of the cascading water is breathtaking. 

So much, of Costa Rica is a real gem among its locals and has won itself into the hearts of millions. Check out some more facts about Costa Rica.

Guanacaste Aerial View

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